∗ Biostimulation involves the modification of the environment to stimulate existing bacteria capable of bioremediation

∗ It is the form of in situ bioremediation which uses an electron donor or acceptor to encourage growth of bacteria capable of degrading environmental pollutants


∗ Biostimulation can be done by addition of various forms of rate limiting nutrients and electron acceptors such as phosphorus, oxygen and so on

∗ Additives stimulate the growth of existing bacteria in the site and enhance their remediation capabilities


∗ It is useful to degrade polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated ethylene, petroleum and reduced uranium and other heavy metals

∗ It is useful to recover the soil from adverse effects of oil spill

∗ Its important application is the remediation of uranium contaminated soil [ example – Fukushima nuclear accident site ]

∗ The primary advantage of biostimulation is that bioremediation will be undertaken by already present native microorganisms that are well-suited to the subsurface environment, and are well distributed spatially within the subsurface


∗ Its efficiency varies from one site to another site. Because each site has a unique geology, hydrology, and soil chemistry, affecting the native microbial populations available for degradation

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