Here is the link for some of the books that may be of help for your prelims preparation. Read the review of the books before buying. We however donot recommend any specific books. Your discretion is required!!!! 

Static topics- Degree of importance- High*

  1. Indian Economy: Click here
  2. Indian Modern History: Click here
  3. Science and technology: Click here
  4. Environment and Ecology: Click here
  5. Karnataka History: Click here
  6. Karnataka Geography: Click here
  7. Indian and world geography: Click here
  8. Indian Polity: By Laxmikanth: Click here
  9. CSAT: Arihanth Publication: Click here

* Must Buy

For Hardcopy of the above book- Delivered to your house: Click here

Current affairs- Degree of importance- Very High

  1. Current affairs: Mahithi Monthly:: Click here 
  2. Karnataka economic survey: Click here
  3. Karnataka Budget and schemes: Click here
  4. Indian Budget: Click here
  5. Indian Economic Survey: Click here

Static topics: Degree of importance- medium to low

  1. Ancient and Medieval history: Click here
  2. Art and culture: Click here
  3. General science: Click here

Current issues: Degree of importance- medium to low

  1. India year book: Click here
  2. Manorama Year book: Click here
  3. GK book: Click here

21 thoughts on “BOOK LIST FOR PRELIMS”

    1. you can download KAS prelims book from our store (see the link in the above tab) or visit our academy which is located in Hebbal and Vijayanagar.

  1. Hello sir! Can you please suggest some books for COMPULSORY KANNADA LANGUAGE test? (I’m from English medium background).
    Kindly revert back. Thanks in advance

  2. Hello sir, I have purchased history and geography notes… great work from your end.. the notes are very concise… I just wanted to know as to when the next official notification for kpsc kas exams would be released.. kindly let us know…

    1. Thank you for your kind words… regarding the next notification, one of our sources told us that it will be out after the elections. We however cannot confirm the news. Regards. Team NammaKPSC

    1. Yes 70% of syllabus is same,… for KPSC u need to study additional Karnataka related current affairs, history and geography. Please refer our videos in video section to know more

  3. Dear sir..I need all KAS exams books kannda and how to preparing kas exams plz inform me or I’ll ready to joining to coaching…

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