BrahMos missile system

IAF test-fires land-attack version of BrahMos

  • The Indian Air Force successfully test-fired a land-attack version of the supersonic cruise missile, BrahMos, in the western sector.

BRAHMOS missile system

  • A missile is an intelligent unmanned rocket designed to carry a payload to a designated point with an aim of destroying the object or target
  • Missiles have four system components: targeting and/or missile guidance, flight system, engine, and warhead.brahmos_infograf
  • BRAHMOS is a two stage missile
    • solid propellant booster engine as first stage which brings it to supersonic speed and then gets seperated
    • the liquid ramjet or second stage then takes the missile to 2.8 Mach speed in cruise phase
  • flight range- upto 290 km with supersonic speed all through
    • shorter flight time
    • therefore lower dispersion of tragets, quicker engagement time and non interception by any known weapon system in the world
  • operates on fire and forget principlecruisin altitude 15km and terminal as low as 10 m
  • conventional warhead 200 to 300 kgs
  • Universal for multiple platforms
  • low radar signature

Land attack version – flight trial

  • The flight-trial which took place in a firing range, met its mission parameters. The missile destroyed a designated target.
  • Its accuracy in mountain warfare mode was re-established during a campaign by the Army in the eastern sector last year and repeated last month.
  • The missile system has empowered all the three wings of the armed forces with anti-ship and land-attack capability
  • This brings to light that the IAF too has been equipped with the land-attack version of BrahMos, which flies at a supersonic speed of Mach 3 (that is, three times the speed of sound). The Navy and the Army have already deployed the missile
  • The IAF had deployed the missile in the border areas to take out the enemy’s communication towers, runways, and radar in case of a conflict, the sources said.
  • The IAF is preparing to fire the air version of BrahMos from its Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter aircraft in the coming weeks

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