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Marital rape – Need to be criminalised?

Criminalise marital rape: UNDP chief Recently Minister for Women and Child Welfare Maneka Gandhi submitted in Parliament that the government wouldn’t criminalise “marital rape,”. She said that the “concept of marital rape, […]

Mahila Samakhya Programme

The Mahila Samakhya programme was launched in 1988 to pursue the objectives of the National Policy on Education, 1986. The National Policy on Education, 1986 recognised that the empowerment of […]

Fostering Safe Workplaces- Report by FICCI – EY

The report was commissioned to identify the changing dynamics of the workforce with regard to prevention of sexual harassment of women, revealed that uncertainty, caution and introspection were highly prevalent […]

Welfare of acid attack victims

The Karnataka state has seen 144 acid attack victims since 2003-04. A large number have lost (some partially) their sight and are badly scarred. A majority of the victims are […]

Women in the armed forces

Historically, the armed forces employed women only as doctors or nurses, and started allowing them to serve as short service commission officers in the 1990s.