Database soon of medicinal plants and traditional healthcare in KARNATAKA

Database soon of medicinal plants, traditional healthcare

  • The State could soon have a modern database of local medicinal plants and knowledge pertaining to traditional healthcare practices created using Geographical Information System (GIS).medicinal-plants
  • The Health department has evinced keen interest in a project recommended by the Karnataka Knowledge Commission (KKC) that proposes to develop a local medicinal plant herbal pharmacopeia on an Information Communication Technology (ICT) platform.
  • In its recommendation – the latest to be submitted to the State government by the commission headed by renowned scientist K Kasturirangan – the panel has suggested the creation of an inventory of herbal medicines and traditional procedure-based therapies using satellite images and GIS.
  • By using the latest technology to create a database, we will be integrating traditional community health knowledge and practices with modern science
  • While there are hundreds of local herbal remedies, some commonly used include:
    • Drinking fresh juice from Giloya shoot with honey, said to provide relief from acidity;
    • Having decoction of dry ginger, pippali and amla twice a day, said to provide relief from cold and cough.
  • The proposal is to create taluk-level database and documentation.
  • To start with, medicinal plant pharmacopeia for Heggadadevana Kote (HD Kote) taluk in Mysuru district, has been proposed.
  • Later, it will be extended to other taluks. HD Kote is estimated to be home to 500 medicinal plants in the forest areas of Nagarahole National Park, Bandipur National Park, Karigala, Kalbetta, Kakanakote forest range, among others.
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