Day 3: History: Modern Mysore

Q1. Discuss the echoes of 1857 revolt in Karnataka.

Q2. Asses the work of Sir M Visveshwaraiah in Mysore as Dewan, keeping his view his slogan plan, promote and encourage development.

Q3. What forms did quit India movement take in Karnataka. Examine. 

Q4. What role did the Mysore rulers have in transforming Mysore into a model and Progressive state? Explain. 

Q5. Write a brief note on the historical significance of 4th Anglo mysore war. 

Tomorrows Topic: Freedom Movement and Unification (Unit 6) and Graphs and Charts (Section III: Paper 1)

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2 thoughts on “Day 3: History: Modern Mysore”

  1. 2. Assess the work of Sir M.Vishveshwarayya in Mysore as Diwan keeping in view his slogan ‘Plan, Promote, Encourage development’.

    In Sir M.Vishveshwarayya, Karnataka produced a ‘Bharataratna’. An Engineer with alarming vision, great economist and administrator of foresightedness, Sir. M.V. became the Diwan in 1912. During his time many of the educational & technological institutions and modern industries came to be established. Energy production,improved irrigation facilities were his other important contributions.

    Among these the major contributions can be seen as below.

    a) Industries and other developmental projects :

    1) Completion of ‘Kannambadi Reservoir Project’. Which is still at the heart of development of Mandya, Mysore and other surrounding destricts.
    2) Sandalwood Oil Factory at Mysuru.
    3) In Bengaluru – The government soap factory, The metal factory, The chrome tanning factory, Central industrial workshop.
    4) Wood distillation and Iron works at Bhadravati.

    b) Educational Institutions :

    1) Mysuru : Mysuru University. Chamarajendra Technological Institute
    2) Bengaluru : Government engineering college, Medical School ,Agricultural School. Karnataka Sahitya Parishat.
    3) scholarships for students of other backward classes. Expansion of female education.

    c) Commerce and Banking :

    1) Mysore chamber of commerce and industries at Bengaluru.
    2) Mysuru Bank in Bengaluru.

    He was one of the greatest visionaries that India has had and with his foresightedness in every possible aspect of development he came to be known as the ‘Maker of Modern Mysuru’.

    1. Good. You have covered all dimension of his work. Further assess ie the outcome. Like how it helped the overall dev of the state.

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