Decision Making (case studies)

stock-photo-background-concept-wordcloud-illustration-of-decision-making-glowing-light-76668223PREVIOUS YEAR PROBLEMS:

1. You have been asked to give an explanation for not attending an important official meeting. Your immediate boss who has not informed you about the meeting is now putting pressure on you not to place an allegation against him/her. You would

(a) send a written reply explaining the fact.
(b) seek an appointment with the top boss to explain the situation.
(c) admit your fault to save the situation.
(d) put the responsibility on the coordinator of the meeting for not informing.

2. A local thug (bad element) has started illegal construction on your vacant plot. He has refused your request to vacate and threatened you of dire consequences in case you do not sell the property at a cheap price to him. You would

(a) sell the property at a cheap price to him.
(b) Go to the police for necessary action.
(c) Ask for help from your neighbours.
(d) Negotiate with the goon to get a higher price.

3. You have to accomplish a very important task for your Headquarters within the next two days. Suddenly you meet with an accident. Your office insists that you complete the task. You would

(a) ask for an extension of deadline.
(b) inform Headquarters of your inability to finish on time.
(c) suggest alternate person to Headquarters who may do the needful.
(d) stay away till you recover.

4. You are an officer-in-charge for providing basic medical facilities to the survivors of an earthquake affected area. Despite your best possible effort, people put allegations against you for making money out of the funds given for relief. You would

(a) let an enquiry be set up to look into the matter.
(b) ask your senior to appoint some other person in your place.
(c) not pay attention to allegations.
(d) stop undertaking any initiative till the matter is resolved.

5. You have been made responsible to hire boats at a short notice to be used for an area under flood. On seeing the price mentioned by the boat owners you found that the lowest price was approximately three times more than the approved rate of the Government. You would

(a) reject the proposal and call for a fresh price.
(b) accept the lowest price.
(c) refer the matter to the Government and wait.
(d) threaten the boat owners about a possible cancellation of the licence.

6. You are the officer-in-charge of a village administering distribution of vaccine in an isolated epidemic hit village, and you are left with only one vaccine. There is a requirement of that vaccine from the Gram Pradhan and also a poor villager. You are being pressurized by the Gram Pradhan to issue the vaccine to him. You would

(a) initiate the procedure to expedite the next supply without issuing the vaccine to either.
(b) arrange vaccine for the poor villager from the distributor of another area.
(c) ask both to approach a doctor and get an input about the urgency,
(d) arrange vaccine for the Gram Pradhan from the distributor of another area.

7. You have taken up a project to create night-shelters for homeless people during the winter season. Within a week of establishing the shelters, you have received complaints from the residents of the area about the increase in theft cases with a demand to remove the shelters. You would

(a) ask them to lodge a written complaint in the police station.
(b) assure residents of an enquiry into the matter.
(c) ask residents to consider the humanitarian effort made.
(d) continue with the project and ignore their complaint.

8. You, as an administrative authority, have been approached, by the daughter-in-law of an influential person regarding harassment by her in-laws on account of insufficient dowry. Her parents are not able to approach you because of social pressures. You would

(a) call the in-laws for an explanation.
(b) counsel the lady to adjust, given such a circumstance.
(c) take action after her parents approach you.
(d) ask her to lodge a complaint with the police.

9. You have differences of the opinion regarding the final report prepared by your subordinate that is to be submitted urgently. The subordinate is justifying the information given in the report. You would

 a.Convince the subordinate that he is wrong

b.Tell him to reconsider the results

c. Revise the report on your own

d. Tell him not to justify the mistake

10. You are competing with your batch-mate for the prestigious award to be decided based on an oral presentation. You have been asked by the committee to finish on time. Your friend however, is allowed more than the stipulated time period.

a) Lodge a complaint to chairperson against the discrimination.

b) Not listen to any justification from the committee

c) Ask for withdrawal of your name

d) Protest and leave the place

11. You are handling a time bound project. During the project review meeting, you find that project is likely to get delayed due to lack of cooperation of the team members. You would,

a) Warn the team members for their non-cooperation

b) Look into the reasons for non-cooperation

c) Ask for the replacement of the team members

d) Ask for the extension of time citing reasons

12. You are a chairperson of a state sports committee. You have received a complaint and later it was found that an athlete in junior age category who has won a medal has crossed the age criteria by 5 days. You would…

a) Ask the screening committee for a clarification

b) Ask the athlete to return the medal

c) Ask the athlete to get an affidavit from the court declaring his/her age.

d) Ask the members of the committee for their views

13. You are handling a priority project and have been meeting all the deadlines and planning your leave during the project. Your immediate boss does not grant leave citing the urgency of the project. You would…

a) Proceed on leave without waiting for the sanction

b) Pretend to be sick and take leave

c) Approach higher authority to reconsider the leave application.

d) Tell the boss that it is not justified.

14. You are involved in setting up a water supply project in remote area. Full recovery of cost is impossible in any case. The income levels in the area are low and 25% of the population is below poverty line (BPL). When a decision has to be taken on pricing you would….

a) Recommended that the supply of water be free of charge in all respects

b) Recommended that the users pay a onetime fixed sum for installation of taps and the usage of water be free

c) Recommended that a fixed monthly charges be levied on the non-BPL families and for BPL families water should be free

d) Recommended that the users pay a charge based on the consumption of water with differentiated charges for Non-BPL and BPL families.

15. As a citizen you have some work with a government department. The official calls you again and again; and without directly asking you, sends out feelers for a bribe. You want to get your work done. You would…

a) Give a bribe

b) Behave as if you have not understood the feelers and persist with your application

c) Go to the higher officer for help verbally complaining about feelers.

d) Send in a formal complaint

16. You are the head of your office. There are certain houses reserved for the allotment to the office staff and you have been given the discretion to do so. A set of rules for the allotment of the houses has been laid down by you and has been made public. Your personal secretary, who is very close to you, comes to you and pleads that as his father is seriously ill, he should be given priority in allotment of a house. The office secretariat that examined the request as per the rules turns down the request and recommends the procedure to be followed according to the rules. You do not want to annoy your personal secretary. In such circumstances, what would you do ?
a) Call him over to your room and personally explain why the allotment cannot be done.
b) Allot the house to him to win his loyalty.
c) Agree with the office note to show that you are not biased and that you do not indulge in favouritism.
d) Keep the file with you and not pass any orders.

 17. While travelling in a Delhi-registered commercial taxi from Delhi to an adjacent city (another State), your taxi driver informs you that as he has no permit for running the taxi in that city, he will stop at its Transport Office and pay the prescribed fee of Rs. forty for a day. While paying the fee at the counter you find that the transport clerk is taking an extra fifty rupees for which no receipt is being given. You are in a hurry for your meeting. In such circumstances, what would you do? 

a) Go up to the counter and ask the clerk to give back the money which he has illegally taken.
b) Do not interfere at all as this is a matter between the taxi driver and the tax authorities.
c) Take note of the incident and subsequently report the matter to the concerned authorities.
d) Treat it as a normal affair and simply forget about it.

18. A person lives in a far off village which is almost two hours by bus. The villager’s neighbour is a very powerful landlord who is trying to occupy the poor villager’s land by force. You are the District Magistrate and busy in a meeting called by a local Minister. The villager has come all the way, by bus and on foot, to see you and give an application seeking protection from the powerful landlord. The villager keeps on waiting outside the meeting hall for an hour. You come out of the meeting and are rushing to another meeting. The villager follows you to submit his application. What would you do? 

a) Tell him to wait for another two hours till you come back from your next meeting.
b) Tell him that the matter is actually to be dealt by a junior officer and that he should give the application to him.
c) Call one of your senior subordinate officers and ask him to solve the villager’s problem.
d) Quickly take the application from him, ask him a few relevant questions regarding his problem and then proceed to the meeting.

19. There IS a shortage of sugar in your District where you are the District Magistrate. The Government has ordered that only a maximum amount of 30 kg sugar is to be released for wedding celebrations. A son of your close friend is getting married and your friend requests you to release at least 50 kg sugar for his son’s wedding. He expresses annoyance when you tell him about the Government’s restrictions on this matter. He feels that since you are the District Magistrate you can release any amount. You do not want to spoil your friendship with him. In such circumstances, how would you deal with the situation?

a) Release the extra amount of sugar which your friend has requested for
b) Refuse your friend the extra amount and strictly follow the rules.
c) Show your friend the copy of the Government instructions and then persuade him to accept the lower amount as prescribed in the rules.
d) Advise him to directly apply to the allotting authority and inform him that you do not interfere in this matter.

 20. You are in-charge of implementing the Family Planning programme in an area where there is a strong opposition to the present policy. You want to convince the residents of the need for keeping small families. What would be the best way of communicating this message?

a) By logically explaining to the residents the need for family planning to improve the health and living standards.
b) By encouraging late marriages and proper spacing of children.
c) By offering incentives for adopting family planning devices.
d) By asking people who have been sterilized or are using contraceptives to directly talk to the residents.

21. You are a teacher in a University and are setting a question paper on a particular subject. One of your colleagues, whose son is preparing for the examination on that subject, comes to you and informs you that it is his son’s last chance to pass that examination and whether you could help him by indicating what questions are going to be in the examination. In the past, your colleague had helped you in another matter. Your colleague informs you that his son will suffer from depression if he fails in this examination. In such circumstances, what would you do?

a) In view of the help he had given you, extend your help to him.
b) Regret that you cannot be of any help to him.
c) Explain to your colleague that this would be violating the trust of the University authorities and you are not in a position to help him.
d) Report the conduct of your colleague to the higher authorities.


1.You are the principal of a reputed college. Your college has certain strict rules and regulations. If a student is found ragging someone, he is to be suspended for a week. However, the son of a trustee of the college is found ragging a junior. You know that if you punish this boy, the boys father may take some action against you. You would

  1. Ignore whatever the boy does, since you do not want to risk losing your job
  2. Just talk to the boy and tell him that you wish him well and hence you donot want him to get into any trouble, since other parents may complain against him.
  3. Suspend the boy for a week, since the rules were clearly explained to the students at the start of the academic year.
  4. Request the father of the boy to speak to him and stop him from ragging other students.

2. You have been posted in a rural area as an administrative officer. You learn that the ratio of girls to boys in that particular village is very low. On probing further, you are shocked to learn that every time a girl child is born, she is killed by the family members themselves. All this is done very secretly and hence nobody has ever been caught. You would

  1. Call for a meeting with the villagers and explain to them the value of the girl child and request to them the value of girl child and request them to stop such a brutal act.
  2. Set up a team to track such activities and announce to the villagers that strict legal action will be taken against any person who is caught.
  3. Arrange for schemes which will provide financial assistance to parents of the girl child for her upbringing so that the parents are encouraged to let the child live.
  4. Accept things as they are since the entire village supports this kind of act and you alone will not be able to prevent such things from happening.

3. You are the administrative head of an area, the residents of which are know for their street food habits. The area has around more than 150 roadside eateries dishing out vegetarian, nonvegetarian and Chinese delicacies to the residents. The roadside eateries, however pose twin problems. The unhygienic environment exposes the food to open air and the throwing away of the leftovers on the road side creates an unhealthy atmosphere in the surroundings. You would

  1. See to it that all such eateries are shut down.
  2. Make the residents aware of the unhygienic conditions and request them to avoid eating at such places, so that the eateries will be forced to shut down, solving both the problems
  3. Ensure that the roadside eatery stall owners pass stringent health and hygiene tests and get a food license and also sign an agreement which will make them eligible for affine if they litter the surroundings
  4. Taste some of the food items from each eatery and allow only those eateries to run that serve tasty food

4. You have been posted in a hospital in a rural area as a junior doctor. A man with high fever comes to the hospital for treatment. The nurse and staff tell you not to treat him and send him back since he is HIV positive patient. You would

  1. Go ahead with the treatment even though the entire staff of the hospital opposes you and then hold a awareness campaign for the staff
  2. Refuse to treat the man at that moment since the staff does not cooperate, but hold awareness campaign for the staff
  3. Agree with the opinion of the staff and tell the man to leave the hospital premises since there is danger of him spreading the infection.
  4. None of these.

5. You have been assured of promotion by your senior officer and you are very happy and excited about it. Sine you worked really hard the past year and deserve it. However, soon after you come to know that your senior officer is corrupt and has recruited many undeserving candidates since they bribed him. You would

  1. Ignore it since if you complain your promotion will be cancelled
  2. Complain about him to the anticorruption bureau
  3. Wait for your promotion and them complain about him to the anti-corruption bureau
  4. Just quit your job since you cannot work under such a person.

6. You are asked to complete a very important assignment within the next 10 days. However your mother falls ill the very next day and is admitted to the hospital. Even thought she is out of danger, you are required to be by her side as there is nobody else to tend to her. She will be discharged only after a week. Your boss still expects you to complete the assignment within the stipulated time since he feels that you are the best candidate for the task. You would

  1. Explain your condition to your boss and tell him that you will not be able to complete the assignment in the given time
  2. Take permission from your boss to work from home/hospital so that the deadline is not affected
  3. Take leave form office for a week and tell your boss that you will not work extra and complete the task in a day or two.
  4. Ask your boss to hand over the task to someone else.

7. You are the office in charge whose team was appointed for rescue operations in the areas where bomb blast recently occurred. You and your team put in your best efforts to ensure that all the injured were rushed to the hospitals. However the next day it was found that valuables worth lakhs of rupees were stolen form the site. You and your team are being held responsible for this, by the locals. You would

  1. Meet the locals personally and explain that your team was not responsible for it.
  2. Hold a meeting with your team and convince them to refuse to carry out any other work in that area until the locals apologize to you
  3. Promise the locals that you will try your best to catch the culprit
  4. Hold a meeting with your higher authorities and tell them to set up an enquiry.

The government has received information that a battleship of the Indian navy armed with guided nuclear missile has been hijacked a few kilometres off the coast of Mumbai.

8. What should be the Indian governments response?

  1. Send trained naval commandos to bomb the ship
  2. Send the local armed police since they are stationed in Mumbai and can reach the hijacked ship more quickly than the naval commandos.
  3. Wait for the hijackers to initiate communication before deciding on the next course of action
  4. Send in the airforce to bomb the hijacked ship.

9. The government comes to know that the ship has been hijacked by dreaded terrorists form a hostile neighbouring country and that they intend to use the nuclear weapons on board the ship to devastating effect on the Indian mainland. What should be the next step that the Indian government should take?

  1. Try to reason with the terrorists on the one hand while simultaneously launch fighter aircraft to destroy the ship
  2. Immediately sink the ship with missiles
  3. Launch a nuclear attack on the country form where the terrorists have originated
  4. Reason with the terrorists and try to convince them that launching nuclear missiles against India would not be to their advantage.

10. There are lot of stray dogs in your locality. The local residents who do not like them have tried to get rid of them by beating and poisoning them. Since you are a dog lover you have caught and stopped these residents many times. But you know that these dogs are not safe since most residents are not comfortable with the idea of having so many stray dogs in their vicinity. You would

  1. Create a shelter home for all the stray dogs where they can live and not trouble the residents
  2. Request the resident not to harass the dogs
  3. Contact the welfare of stray dogs organisation because they will be able to reduce the stray dog population through humane and effective methods
  4. Support the residents since you donot want to spoil your relation with the residents just to save these stray dogs.

11. You had completed an official task very poorly with lot of mistakes. Your supervisor was furious with you and demanded that you redo it. He is now putting pressure on you to complete the task by working extra hours and still meet the final deadline. You would

  1. You would negotiate with the supervisor and ask him to give you an extension of the deadline.
  2. Admit your mistake and take initiative for the task this time around.
  3. Apologize for the poor performance and request your supervisor to hand over the task to a more trusted employee
  4. Do the work carefully and thoroughly to the best of your ability and ignore the final deadline.

12. Last month a fire broke out in a slum area. The people of the slum were provided monetary support from the government and many NGOs also came forward to provide all possible help. Last week, there were two incidents of fire in the same area. Different reasons for the breakout of fire was provided by the locals, none of which seemed plausible. People of the neighbouring area claim that these fires were setup on purpose to gain money. You as an administrative authority would,

  1. Not provide any kind of help and also dissuade any of the NGOs form taking up this matter
  2. Ask the people of the neighbouring are to provide some kind of proof to show that these fire were setup on purpose
  3. Ignore the rumours and provide all possible help to the people affected by the fire
  4. Provide basic help to people who are injured but setup an enquiry to find out the truth before providing any monetary compensations.

13. You are office in charge for hiring a new engineer in your office. 15 applicants come for the interview. One of these is your distant cousin. She is very talented and would be genuinely good for the job. But if you hire her, you fear being accused of nepotism. You would

  1. Ask her to leave without taking her interview
  2. Be very harsh during the interview so no one can accuse you of partiality
  3. Take her interview but tell her that although she is good she wont get the job because you work here already
  4. Organise a panel of interviewers who will decide the best candidate for the job.

14. You are officer in charge of providing food grains to a flood affected area. You notice that some people are taking undue advantage of the aid and soliciting extra ration. You would.

  1. Stop providing aid to the area to prevent unfair distribution of resources
  2. Make identity cards available which can be ticked off once the person receives the aid
  3. Appoint volunteers to keep a check on those people who are not receiving aid
  4. Provide grains to whosoever comes as that is your duty.

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