Decision Making

  • 1. You are the principal of a reputed college. Your college has certain strict rules and regulations. If a student is found ragging someone, he is to be suspended for a week. However, the son of a trustee of the college is found ragging a junior. You know that if you punish this boy, the boys father may take some action against you. You would
  • 2. You have been posted in a rural area as an administrative officer. You learn that the ratio of girls to boys in that particular village is very low. On probing further, you are shocked to learn that every time a girl child is born, she is killed by the family members themselves. All this is done very secretly and hence nobody has ever been caught. You would
  • 3. You are the administrative head of an area, the residents of which are know for their street food habits. The area has around more than 150 roadside eateries dishing out vegetarian, nonvegetarian and Chinese delicacies to the residents. The roadside eateries, however pose twin problems. The unhygienic environment exposes the food to open air and the throwing away of the leftovers on the road side creates an unhealthy atmosphere in the surroundings. You would
  • 4. You have been posted in a hospital in a rural area as a junior doctor. A man with high fever comes to the hospital for treatment. The nurse and staff tell you not to treat him and send him back since he is HIV positive patient. You would
  • 5. You are asked to complete a very important assignment within the next 10 days. However your mother falls ill the very next day and is admitted to the hospital. Even thought she is out of danger, you are required to be by her side as there is nobody else to tend to her. She will be discharged only after a week. Your boss still expects you to complete the assignment within the stipulated time since he feels that you are the best candidate for the task. You would
  • 6. You are the office in charge whose team was appointed for rescue operations in the areas where bomb blast recently occurred. You and your team put in your best efforts to ensure that all the injured were rushed to the hospitals. However the next day it was found that valuables worth lakhs of rupees were stolen form the site. You and your team are being held responsible for this, by the locals. You would
  • 7. There are lot of stray dogs in your locality. The local residents who do not like them have tried to get rid of them by beating and poisoning them. Since you are a dog lover you have caught and stopped these residents many times. But you know that these dogs are not safe since most residents are not comfortable with the idea of having so many stray dogs in their vicinity. You would
  • 8. You had completed an official task very poorly with lot of mistakes. Your supervisor was furious with you and demanded that you redo it. He is now putting pressure on you to complete the task by working extra hours and still meet the final deadline. You would

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