Indigenously developed Anti-Radiation Missile

Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM)-

  • An anti-radiation missile (ARM) is a missile designed to detect and home in on an enemy radio emission source.Typically, these are designed for use against an enemy radar, although jammers and even radios used for communications can also be targeted in this manner.
  • Advanced State-of-the-art air-to-surface tactical missile
  • will target the enemy’s air defence capabilities by attacking radars and communication facilities.
  • Range – 100 to 125 km
  • Will be mounted on combat aircraft Sukhoi (Su-30) and Tejas-Light Combat Aircraft.
  • The missile picks up the radiation or signals of radars and communication facilities and homes on to the targets to destroy them.
  • Being developed by Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL)
  • Instead of thrust propulsion, the missile uses dual pulse propulsion system as in the case of LR-SAM. The dual pulse propulsion will widen the envelope as well as the engagement capability of the missile. After coasting the missile for the required duration by firing the first pulse, the second pulse will be initiated just before interception of the target or during the terminal phase

Test flights

  • Captive flight trials the Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) are planned for April-May this year, and the maiden flight test by year-end
  • The entire missile is being developed indigenously, including the seeker. The missile will be inducted in about two years after conducting a number of developmental trials.
  • According to DRDO sources, scientists will evaluate the performance of the seeker, navigation and control system, structural capability and aerodynamic vibrations during the captive flight trials.
  • These will be followed by ground testing and the missile will be fired from Su-30 during the actual flight trial by year-end
  • Only a few countries, including the U.S. and Germany, have ARMs at present
  • The dual pulse propulsion system could be configured with other air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles
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