Integrated farming

  • Integrated Farming (IF) is a whole farm management system which aims to deliver more sustainable agriculture. It can be applied to any farming system around the world.
  • It involves attention to detail and continuous improvement in all areas of a farming business through informed management processes.


  • Integrated Farming combines the best of modern tools and technologies with traditional practices according to a given site and situation. In simple words, it means using many ways of cultivation in a small space or land.
  • Its farming system where high quality food, feed, fibre and renewable energy are produced by using resources such as soil, water, air and nature as well as regulating factors to farm sustainably and with as little polluting inputs as possible
Currently in news
  • UAS-B to showcase integrated farming models’ demonstration plots to instil confidence among farmers at Krishi Mela
  • Demonstration plots of integrated farming system models would be set up in all the seven Krishi Vigyan Kendras spread across 10 districts coming under the jurisdiction of the university to create awareness among farmers about sustainable agricultural practices.
  • It is possible to earn around Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 a month from just one hectare (two and half acres) of farm land with a borewell through the integrated farming system, according to on-field experiments of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru (UAS-B).
  • Based on its experiments over the years, the university has developed an integrated farming system model. Under this, the total plot of 2.5 acres is divided into five components earmarked for growing food crops, commercial crops, ornamental flowers, etc.
  • Efficient utilisation of resources and analysing the market trends was the key to success of these models.
  • The dry-land model has a farm pond to harvest rain water which is used during kharif for growing short-duration vegetables.



EISAWheel3” by EISA – European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture – EISA – European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons

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