Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS / KPSC Exams – 16th June 2017

HC stay on Bellandur


  • All issues from Karnataka have to be heard by the Southern Bench in Chennai as per the distribution of jurisdiction among various benches across the country under Section 4(3) of the NGT Act, 2010 and a notification issued by the Ministry of Environment in this regard in 2011, the petitioner claimed.
  • As the Principal Bench has no jurisdiction to hear issues related to Karnataka, its order on Bellandur lake is without jurisdiction, and hence cannot be given effect in law, the petitioner has claimed.
  • Questioning the legality of the order passed by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) on May 12, 2017 for closure of the unit solely based on the NGT’s April 19 direction and sans any prior notice or any complaint of pollution against the unit, the petitioner has pointed out that it is neither using water from Bellandur lake nor discharging any effluent, as it has set up its own sewerage treatment plant.
  •  A joint inspection on May 16 by officials of the KSPCB and the Central Pollution Control Board indicated that the brewery is not letting any effluent into the water body, but the KSPCB did not act on a plea submitted by the petitioner on May 20 for revocation of the closure order, the petition stated.
  • The court stayed the May 12 order of KSPCB for closing the brewery.

KRCL to plant 1.5 lakh saplings this year

KRCL to plant 1.5 lakh saplings this year

  • Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. (KRCL) recently celebrated World Environment Day at its headquarters in Mumbai and across its network, including Karwar and Udupi, by arranging a host of activities.
  • The corporation planted about 1.12 lakh saplings along its network in 2016-17, and in 2017-18 it plans to plant another 1.5 lakh saplings.
  • As one of the oldest signatories of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), KRCL has taken several initiatives towards environment protection, including the unique Roll-On-Roll-Off service for trucks since 1999 which saves over 750 lakh litres of diesel, a release said.
  •  On World Environment Day,planting of medicinal plants was arranged near Udupi Railway Station in association with SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital. A drawing-cum-painting competition was held in Karwar.
  • KRCL’s indigenously designed Automatic Coach Washing Plant, which helps save 10 million litres of water a year in addition to effluent treatment and water recycling, is being emulated in other sectors of Indian Railways. The corporation has also undertaken rainwater harvesting activities and produces of solar and wind power.

Team inspects anti-dengue operations


  • A four-member team from the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) visited many places in the city and K.R. Nagar, Berya, Adaguru, Yelwal, Ootagalli in the district on 15th June and supervised the work being done by the Health Department in creating awareness about dengue.
  • The team led by Sheriff, Research Officer, NVBDCP, along with Chidambara, District Vector Borne Diseases Officer, paid surprise visits to houses in Yelwal and K.R. Nagar and examined water containers.
  • They also educated people about dengue and directed them to keep changing the water in the containers frequently.
  • Residents, however, complained that they get water once in three to four days and it was inevitable for them to store it for a few days.
  • Later, the team suggested that ASHA workers could be given a chemical to apply it in water containers such as concrete tubs and ensure that mosquitoes do not breed there.
  • Hitherto, ASHA workers were not given the chemical for safety reasons. The team told Dr. Chidambara to educate ASHA workers about proper use of the chemical.
  • The team also enquired about the malaria eradication programme.
  • Mr. Sheriff told the officials that a team from World Health Organisation may visit Mysuru city in the next two months and assess the performance of the eradication programme.

ICAI sets up GST help desk

GST help desk

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) will set up a ‘GST Sahayata Desk’ at its office here to create awareness on the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Rekha Devanand, chairperson of the Udupi branch of ICAI, said the help desk will explain the benefits of GST to small businessmen and answer their queries.
  • It will also guide them on migration and filing of GST returns.
  • The help desk will function at the office of ICAI at Mahalasa Damodar Towers on Kalsanka-Kadiyali Road.
  • It will be open from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays till September 30. Businessmen and other stakeholders could also call 0820-2536603 with their queries, she said.
  • Ms. Devanand said Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, would inaugurate the help desk at the ICAI branch at noon on 16th June.
  •  Members of chambers of trade and commerce, business associations and other stakeholders are expected to participate in the inaugural function
  • The GST combines all indirect taxes into one. Only the final customer will be taxed, and this eliminates the cascading of taxes.
  • The GST will be implemented from July 1. According to the directions of the Indirect Tax Committee of ICAI, steps have been being taken to open help desks at all the branches of ICAI to take queries from stakeholders, Ms. Devanand said.
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