Karnataka Current Affairs – KAs/KPSC Exams – 13th Feb 2018

Union Ministry sanctions bridge across the Tungabhadra between Nittur and Singapur

  • The Union Ministry for Road Transport and Shipping has sanctioned a bridge across the Tungabhadra between Nittur village in Sirguppa taluk and Singapur village in Gangavati taluk of Koppal district.
  • The bridge estimated to cost Rs. 80 crore was a long-pending demand of the people of Sirguppa taluk.
  • The bridge would enable transportation of paddy, which is a major crop cultivated in Sirguppa taluk, to rice mills in Karatagi. At present, paddy is transported through a circuitous route covering a distance of around 70 km.
  • Once the bridge is ready, the distance between Sirguppa and Karatagi would be reduced considerably.
  • Kondaiah K.C. has, in a press release, thanked Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for giving approval to the proposal mooted by him, through Public Works Minister H.C. Mahadevappa.

BBMP to invest in bike ambulances

  • First aid and emergency care may soon become easy, if all goes as per BBMP’s plan.
  • The civic body recently decided to invest in 100 bike ambulances, mainly to ensure that health care is accessible when most needed.
  • The idea, which was first tabled before the Standing Committee for Health, has been approved by BBMP council.
  • The city already has nearly 20 bike ambulances that are being operated by the Department of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Sources said that bike ambulances are most required in the outer zones where the wards are more spread out than those in the core zones.
  • Paramedical staff trained in providing emergency care will be outsourced.
  • Of the 100 bike ambulances, 50 will be of lower engine capacity, but equally well-equipped. Sources said these bikes will be given to women paramedical staff.
  • Each bike ambulance will have a first aid kit, cardiac care kit, ortho kit, portable oxygen cylinder, and emergency and life saving medicines.
  • A mobile app will be developed to enable citizens to access the nearest bike ambulance, apart from a dedicated control room / call centre.

Team to evaluate Mysuru’s ‘swachh’ image arrives

  • A ten-member team of independent consultants entrusted with the task of surveying the city arrived here on 13th Feb and got on the job.
  • The team began with validating documents on the steps taken by the Mysuru City Corporation with regard to the mission and cleanliness projects/initiatives undertaken since in the past year.
  • The team, in the presence of MCC Commissioner G. Jagadeesha and MCC Health Officer D.G. Nagaraj, launched the document verification process at the old Council Hall of MCC on Monday. It will report to higher authorities daily until the survey concludes.
  • All documents on SBM and action taken so far were furnished to the team that started uploading the documents on the SBM website.
  • The Commissioner said the team will carry out the inspection only of the locations identified and referred to it by the SBM central office.
  • On the locations, Mr. Jagadeesha said tat the solid waste treatment plants, segregation of waste, collection and disposal of solid wastes, cleanliness of market places, public toilets and many other facilities will be inspected and evaluated.
  • The details, with pictures, have been uploaded on the SBM website.
  • It will also check whether the MCC is carrying out scientific disposal of waste and what is the infrastructure set up for collecting and disposing waste, among other factors.
  • The survey team will also verify whether the number of public toilets the MCC has claimed to have constructed here under SBM has been realised.
  • The Commissioner said two from the team have begun going around the city collecting feedback from citizens on the MCC’s commitment towards the realising the mission’s goals and maintaining the city’s overall ‘swachh’ image.
  • With six questions, the feedback from the citizens will be collected and compiled in the form of a report to be sent it to the central team for finalising the rankings.

Narendra Modi to flag off Humsafar Express on Feb. 19

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi will flag off the Humsafar Express during his visit to Mysuru on February 19.
  • Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajastan will be connected with Karnataka, Piyush Goyal, Railway Minister, told industry captains in Belagavi recently.
  • Railway officials will take up on a priority, the work of doubling railway lines between important cities
  • Around Rs. 5,000 crore will be spent on building compound around railway track
  • He said that products made in India will be given preference in government procurements, as part of ‘Make in India’ programme.

Mysuru district police’s new ‘Special 21’ force on the move

  • ‘Special 21’, a new team of the Mysuru District Police, is now cracking down on offences across the district under direct supervision of Superintendent of Police Ravi D. Channannavar.
  • D-SWAT – District Special Weapons and Tactics, a trained commando force – has begun working here since February 7.
  • The 21-member force, with an inspector and sub-inspector in the team, has been specially trained in counterterrorism, anti-sabotage, VVIP security, rescue operations and much more.
  • The members were handpicked from the police force.
  • They have been trained at the Centre for Counter-Terrorism at Kudlu in Bengaluru.
  • Mr. Channannavar told that only personnel who were interested had been picked up for the force and all of them underwent a rigorous training.
  • Their services are now being used in law and order management, cracking down on eve-teasing, other illegal activities, petty crimes and more.
  • Special 21 will move across the district from one taluk to another in mufti and attend to such complaints.
  • In two days, the team arrested nine people in a liquor-related case and 16 people in various other cases. “


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