Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS/KPSC Exams – 21st January 2019

ASI finds another Hoysala-era temple on premises of Hoysaleshwara Temple


  • The Archaeological Survey of India recently conducted landscape restoration work on the premises of the Hoysaleshwara Temple in Halebid in Belur taluk and found the basement of one more temple from the Hoysala period.
  • The ASI conducted the work at a site, which was excavated by the department in 1983. That time two temples were found, and, this time one more has been added.
  • Earlier a trikutachala temple and another ekakutachala temple were found. This time one more ekakutachala temple has been found on the site, next to the Dorasamudra lake
  • Temples with three ‘garbha grihas’ are called trikutachala. The landscape restoration was taken up by the ASI as the area was covered by plants and shrubs. Now it is open for public viewing. There is a need for further research to find out the details of the temple traced.
  • The work, which continued for about 45 days, ended about 15 days ago. Surprisingly, the officers found skeletons buried in the site.
  • Over the years the place has been used as a burial ground by the local people. They found skeletons buried in the place
  • A large tract of the area at Bastihalli has not been excavated.
  • In the past, the ASI had proposed to take up the excavation work to understand the pre-Hoysala period of the place.
  • The archaeologist believes that present problems of the people of Halebid have solutions in the past.
  • The Hoysala rulers were experts in hydrology. They knew water management very well. We need to study their water management to find solution for tackling situation in constantly drought-hit Halebid

ASI uses just 7% of funds granted for restoration in HK region

  • Though the Ministry of Culture had allocated huge amounts through the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to protect and restore ancient monuments and sites in the Hyderabad Karnataka region in 2017-18, the ASI spent only 7% of the released funds.
  • According to documents provided by K.M. Mujeebuddin, a Right to Information activist, the ASI has spent only Rs. 39.6 lakh of the Rs. 5.88 crore funds released for the maintenance of heritage monuments coming under Dharwad Circle.
  • 16 historical sites in the five districts coming under the region — Bidar, Kalaburagi, Yadgir, Koppal, and Raichur — were declared as Centrally protected monuments in Dharwad Circle.
  • Though most of these monuments are in a dilapidated state, renovation works have been taken up only at three sites — the Bahmani tombs of Ashtur, the madrasa of Mahmud Gawan, and Bidar Fort. So far, an amount of Rs. 39,60,420 has been spent.
  • The ASI has failed to take up renovation work at Kalaburagi fort (Bahmani Fort), the Jama Masjid on the fort premises, and the famous Hafth Gumbad (Seven Tombs) of Firoz Shah.

‘Crying for attention’

  • The ancient excavated site with remains of Buddhist stupa at Kanaganahalli in Chittapur taluk of Kalaburagi, which dates back to between the 1st century BC and 3rd century AD, was crying for attention. The ASI would have utilised funds to develop the Budhist Mahastupa site
  • The department has also neglected to protect the prehistoric sites at Vibhuthihalli and Rajankallur in Yadgir district.
  • Three other prehistoric sites in Koppal — the Mahadev temple in Ittagi village, the ancient mound and Hire Benakal sites, and the rock edicts of Ashoka on the two hillocks — were neglected.
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