Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS/KPSC Exams – 27th March 2018

Commission finds 700 fake safai karmacharis in HDMC

  • National Commission for Safai Karmacharis has traced 700 fake safai karmacharis in Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC), according to Commission member Jagadish Hiremani.
  • The names of these fake safai karmacharis were found in the list and the garbage cleaning contractor used to draw salary in the name of these workers.
  • The commission has issued notice to HDMC Commissioner seeking an inquiry in this matter and a report within one month.
  • The HDMC Commissioner has also been told to submit details for 15 years of ESI and PF accounts of these workers.
  • The HDMC is yet to implement the direct credit system for salary disbursement. Once this system is in place, the fake workers would be weeded out
  • In the State, 34,000 civic labour are working, and the commission has asked for regularisation of their work.
  • The commission has asked the States to regularise the services of civic workers. In case of fund crunch, the States have to write to the Centre
  • The State government was creating confusion in regularising the services of safai karmacharis.
  • Instead of taking into account the services of existing workers, the government was issuing new application forms to such posts, but it is not correct.
  • Old workers should be given priority while regularising jobs.
  • Moreover, the Municipal Administration Department has passed a new order fixing the ratio as one civic worker per 700 population.
  • If this order is implemented, around 12,000 workers out of total 34,000 would lose their jobs.
  • The commission would instruct the department to see that not a single labour lost his job. The State government should rectify this order
  • At the Karnataka Institute of Medical Science, safai karmacharis are not getting minimum wages according to the new wages Act.
  • Despite several efforts, manual scavenging is still in vogue in the State. The commission has launched a survey in Dharwad, Kalaburagi, Bengaluru Rural, Kolar and Mysuru districts on a pilot basis

South India’s largest milk dairy at the foothills of Nandi Hills

  • The largest milk dairy in south India is slated to commence production on a 14-acre plot at Nandi Cross.
  • The Rs. 165-crore dairy of Kolar-Chickballapur Cooperative Milk Union Ltd. (Kochimul) will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on 29th March and is expected to give a fillip to milk production and processing in the drought-prone districts of Kolar and Chickballapur.
  • The dairy can process five lakh litres of milk per day — or, about half the daily procurement from Kochimul — using machinery from Japan, Sweden and Australia.
  • The factory will start operating after inauguration, and will take at least 12 months to reach full capacity.

Packing on a large scale

  • The plant can prepare 6,000 units of 1-litre packaged milk per hour or 18,000 units of 500-ml packaged milk per hour, 1.8 lakh litres of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk and 1.5 lakh litres of Goodlife milk.
  • Apart from this, the dairy will be producing 10 tonnes each of butter and paneer, and four tonnes of ghee daily. Officials said more than 50 sweets, that use Nandini milk, can also be produced.
  • As value addition can yield better profit, the factory can lead to better prices for farmers.
  • Kochimul has around 2.84 lakh members in 1,834 primary milk cooperative societies.
  • While the State government had given free land and Rs. 4 crore, the Centre had given Rs. 12 crore.
  • Kochimul took a loan of Rs. 87 crore from the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to fund the construction of the factory.
Despite objection, water being released from Bhadra reservoir
  • Despite opposition from the Irrigation Consultation Committee (ICC) of Bhadra Command Area Development Authority (CADA), water is being released from the Bhadra reservoir to the river to meet drinking water needs in Gadag district.
  • The release of water to the river started on March 23 and is likely to conclude on March 31.
  • It has been planned to release 2 tmcft from the reservoir to the river during this period.
  • The office of Regional Commissioner of Mysuru had written to Bhadra CADA on March 11 seeking release of 2 tmcft from the reservoir to the river to meet the drinking water needs in Gadag district.
  • Following this, a meeting of ICC of Bhadra CADA was convened on March 12.
  • Elected representatives and functionaries of farmers’ organisations, who attended the meeting, had opposed the release of water. They had said that it would result in shortage of water for summer crops in the command area. The meeting then took a decision against releasing water.
  • According to sources, the State government again wrote to Bhadra CADA on March 22 to release 2 tmcft of water to the river. Acting on this direction, the water is being released.

Live storage

  • The live storage in Bhadra reservoir at present is 18 tmcft against the total live storage capacity of 63 tmcft.
  • The Bhadra CADA had promised to release water along the canals for a period of 125 days from January 4 for cultivation of agricultural crops in the command area in summer.
  • Water has already been released along the canals for 80 days.
  • The total requirement of water for agriculture needs for the remaining 45 days is estimated to be at 17 tmcft.
  • According to existing rules, 4.35 tmcft water should be released from Bhadra reservoir to the river to meet drinking needs from January to May, of which 3.35 tmcft was already released by March 15 this year.
  • The CADA had planned to release the remaining 1 tmcft in phases.
  • The decision taken by Bhadra CADA to release 2 tmcft to the river now would result in shortage of 1 tmcft of water for agriculture needs in the command area.
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