Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS/KPSC Exams – 4th October 2018

Drug-resistant bacteria in Bellandur lake

  • Raw sewage flows in a steady stream into Bellandur lake, bringing with it heavy metals, froth-inducing phosphorus, coliforms and other microorganisms.
  • The murky waters of the cesspool may even be a breeding ground for bacteria to develop into stronger, more drug-resistant varieties.
  • Bacteria isolated from the severely polluted Bellandur lake had developed resistance to more antibiotics than those at Jakkur lake where an STP and a wetland provide layers of purification.


  • In a comparison of 10 bacterial species with 10 common antibiotics, researchers found that in Jakkur lake, bacteria had developed resistance in 37 cases; that is, each bacteria species developed resistance to between one and six antibiotic drugs. However, in Bellandur, this number goes up to 51.
  • “Bacteria have almost universally developed resistance to drugs such as amoxcillin and cefoperazone, which is seen in the figures for Jakkur and Bellandur. But it is the variation of the other drugs that is a concern,” said Mr. Mahesha.
  • Take for instance, Citrobacter species, which can cause a wide spectrum of infections from urinary tract to the respiratory tract, has resistance to six drugs in Jakkur lake. At Bellandur, it has resistance to eight drugs. Klebsiella, which can cause pneumonia, has seen resistance to seven drugs in Bellandur, compared to five in Jakkur.
  • “The results were surprising. I repeated the experiment and found the same results… I can only guess that the chemicals in Bellandur lake were expediting mutation of these bacteria, allowing them to develop resistance to drugs which are present in the lake,” said Mr. Mahesha.


  • The research first took root with identifying common antibiotics present in significant quantities.
  • In 2017, Ms. Jamwal and researchers from Portsmouth in the UK deployed Chemcatcher, a novel technology that can find out medical compounds present in water and their concentrations.
  • Their tests in Jakkur lake, Vrishabhavathi valley and sewage flowing out of two apartment complexes showed the presence of antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungals, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, epilepsy, beta-blockers and painkillers in the water.
  • This provided a base to narrow down on 10 common antibiotics, all of which are Beta Lactam antibiotics that are widely used. They tested the bacterial samples against these drugs.
  • After the isolation of each sample, the bacterial colony’s resistance was tested by measuring the ‘zone of inhibition’ around discs that were dipped in antibiotic compound.
  • If the area around the disc was clear, it meant that the bacteria was still sensitive to the drug, while if the disc had no effect, it implied that the bacteria was resistant.
  • A lower concentration of bacterial species around the species showed ‘intermediate’ resistance, where the drug merely inhibits growth of bacteria but may not be killing it completely.
  • Overall, the 10 ‘Jakkur’ bacterial species had 26 intermediate reactions to drugs. In Bellandur, it had reduced to just 17, implying that bacteria had gone up a few notches in their resistance to becoming completely resistant.
  • The study did not look at other bacteria species, whose resistance could also be a concern.
  • The results show the emergence of new concerns and new pollutants which Sewage Treatment Plants are not capable of filtering.
  • There really has not been many studies in the city on the zone of influence of these antimicrobial resistant bacteria in lakes, or whether they end up in groundwater. Without in-depth studies, the State is pumping out the same water to Kolar where we don’t know the consequences

Private individuals to undertake crop survey

  • The Dakshina Kannada district administration has roped in the services of private individuals to undertake the ambitious crop survey project through a mobile App wherein individuals feed crop details on agricultural land allotted to them, into the system.
  • Initially the government wanted farmers themselves to feed the details crop name and pictures of the plot through the App.
  • However, as not many farmers were abreast of advances in technology, the administration decided to avail of the services of private individuals.
  • As many as 1,250 individuals have been empanelled for 422 villages in the district at the rate of two or three per village depending upon the size of holdings.
  • The government would pay Rs. 10 per plot to these individuals. They are issued identity cards by the administration
  • The survey, he said, would have to be done twice or thrice a year depending upon crops.
  • Crop survey is a win-win situation both for the government and farmers.
  • The government would get to know the exact details of different crops grown in the State.
  • It could easily estimate crop loss due to natural calamities, assess quantity of produce, get exact details for crop insurance and many more.
  • On the other hand, farmers would get the actual crop grown entered in the record of tenancy rights (RTC); help them to get various government schemes; exact compensation/ insurance in cases of calamities and just prices for their produce.
  • The survey would be done by individuals residing in the same village with a pass in II PU or higher qualification.
  • The individuals will intimate farmers in advance about the survey

Tobacco price crosses last year’s average

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