Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS/KPSC Exams – 8th Jan 2018

M S Swaminathan bags ‘Basava Krishi’ award

  • Noted agriculture scientist M S Swaminathan has been selected for the ‘Basava Krishi’ award given away by the Panchamasali Peetha of Kudalasangama.
  • The award comprises a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and a brass citation.
  • The award will be presented to the scientist at a function at the Swaminathan Agriculture Centre in Chennai.
  • Usually, the annual award is presented in Kudalasangama on Sankranti day (January 15).
  • But the award function will be shifted to Chennai this year, so that Basavanna’s ‘work is worship’ message is disseminated to the farmers in Tamil Nadu.

Revenue dept launches i-RTC facility for farmers

  • The Revenue department has further simplified the procedure for obtaining the Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop (RTC), by introducing the i-RTC facility for rural farmers.
  • The Bhoomi Monitoring Cell has launched the new facility, where people can download their land document from the Bhoomi website from their location or from the browsing centres, on plain paper.
  • The user charge for the document can be paid online using debit/credit card or the net banking facility.
  • According to officials, the i-RTC is the same as the original RTC obtained in any Bhoomi centre. This is said to save time and money of farmers, as they don’t have to visit the Bhoomi centres.
Karnataka among better performing states in higher education
  • Karnataka is one of the states which has witnessed an increase in the gross enrolment ratio (GER) in the higher education sector in the last three years and reached 26.5, higher than what has been recorded at the national level, according to a government report.
  • India witnessed a 2.5% increase in the GER in higher education sector in 2016-17 over that recorded in 2014-15, the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) report, released by Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar
  • The total enrolment in higher education has been estimated at 35.7 million (3.57 crore), with 19 million boys (1.9 crore) and 16.7 million girls (1.67 crore).
  • GER in higher education in India is 25.2% in 2016-17, which is calculated for the 18-23 age group. The GER was 15% in 2014-15 and 24% in 2015-16
  • Bengaluru topped the country for having the highest number of colleges (1,025) in a district, followed by Jaipur (635).
  • Karnataka has also figured in the list of top eight states in the number of colleges in India.
  • The top eight states in terms of highest number of colleges in India are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh
  • India has also witnessed improvement in the gender parity index with enrolment of girls per 100 boys climbing up to 94 in 2016-17 from 92 in 2014-15. “The girls constitute 46.8% of the total enrolment
  • In Karnataka, the gender party index (GPI) has been pegged at 1.01, which means that the number of girl students enrolled in various higher education programme was higher than those of boys.
  • A similar trend has been witnessed in several states. While GPI (per 100 boys) in Delhi came at 1.13, it is 1.28 in Goa, 1.03 in Uttar Pradesh and 1.45 in Chandigarh. The country has also witnessed an increase in the number of higher education institutions.
  • There are 864 universities, 40,026 colleges and 11,669 standalone institutions & a majority of the colleges (77.8%) are privately managed. Among 864 universities, 313 are privately managed.
  • As much as 64% of the colleges are private unaided and 13.6% are private
  • A total of 338 universities, including government ones, are located in rural areas
  • The report shows that just 2.6% of the colleges offer PhD programmes and 36.7% colleges run post-graduate level programmes. Highest number of students are enrolled for undergraduate programmes.

Six medals for State kickboxing team

  • A 17-member team from the State has won six medals at the National Kickboxing Championship held in Patna from December 27 to 31.
  • Over 1,000 atheltes from across the country participated in the event, which was held in the Patliputra Indoor Stadium.
  • The team from State had 12 members from Mysuru and five from Bengaluru.
  • The medal winners are Basavesh (67 kg, gold), Anjali B. Gupta (70 kg, gold), Kajal Naresh Kumar (56 kg, silver), Zaina Ali Khan (56 kg, bronze), Krishna Jaded (75 kg, bronze), and Bharath Gowda (81 kg, bronze).
  • The event was organised by the Kickboxing Federation of India, which has applied for recognition from the government of India and is hopeful of getting it by the end of this year
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Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS / KPSC Exams
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