Karnataka Current Affairs – KAS/KPSC Exams- 9th Oct 17

Acacia plants being replaced by Western Ghats species

  • Realising that acacia plants in Pilikula planted more than three decades ago are not environmental friendly, the administration of Dr. Shivaram Karanth Pilikula Nisargadhama has begun replacing them with other plants of the Western Ghats species on a large scale.
  • Those plants had been planted by the Forest Department during the 1980s in the laterite area in Pilikula. The same area came under the nisargadhama when it was founded in 1996 covering 370 acres. They have been regenerating in the park since then.
  • Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a programme to launch the second phase of a greenery project sponsored by Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) at here on 8h Oct, H. Jayaprakash Bhandary, Director, Pilikula Biological Park, said that dry leaves of acacia are slow in rotting. They are not helpful in forming humus.
  • The dry leaves on the ground did not help in rainwater percolation as they acted like plastic.
  • Mr. Bhandary, who is a former Deputy Conservator of Forests, said that acacia plantations did not allow regeneration of other plants. They only provide shade. Hence, the nisargadhama was now slowly phasing out the plants.
  • Mr. Bhandary said that MRPL would provide Rs. 40 lakh for the second stage of the greenery project. It would be used for planting about 7,000 plants of different Western Ghats species on 30 acres of land.
  • All acacia trees in that area would be cut. In addition, medicinal, aquatic and animal fodder would be grown.
  • He said that the company had provided Rs. 30 lakh for the first phase of the greenery project on 20 acres of land. Using the funds, 2,000 plants of 50 varieties of Western Ghats species, 1,000 medicinal plants of 50 varieties, 100 aquatic plants of several varieties and animal fodder (grass) have been cultivated. Animal fodder is required for about 300 herbivores in the park.
  • The grass has been cultivated in 60 rows. It can be harvested every 40 days. Among the plants cultivated included host and nectar plants for butterflies.
  • Mr. Bhandary said that the nisargadhama and Mangalore University have jointly planted about 10,000 plants of Western Ghats species on 80 acres of land under Arboretum project.
  • The acacia plants that existed in the same area have been cut.
  • An MRPL official said that the company has funded the project as compensatory afforestation. Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology B. Ramanath Rai launched the first phase of the project on the occasion.

Vision 2025: meet elicits a string of growth ideas

  • Stakeholders have come out with region- and city-specific suggestions for the development of Mysuru under Karnataka Vision 2025.
  • The consultation that concluded on Saturday is part of eliciting public and stakeholders’ responses and ideas. These will be tweaked under the final document to be readied by December 2017.
  • Under the Urban Infrastructure and Smart City theme, emphasis is on the conservation of heritage structures of Mysuru besides the constitution of a separate body for the conduct of Dasara. This assumes significance in the light of the city having over 200 heritage buildings most of which lack protection in the absence of heritage regulations.
  • It also suggested that Srirangapatna, Nanjangud, Bannur and T. Narsipur be developed as satellite cities. Other suggestions included development of Hootagalli, Belwadi, Metagalli and Koorgalli on the lines of Electronics City in Bengaluru.
  • Other Mysuru-specific targets included development of 400 parks, rail underbridges, multi-storeyed parking facilities, development of areas abutting Outer Ring Road, encouraging green building concepts, conservation of lakes and linking them with drainage systems so as to prevent flooding, among others.
  • Under agriculture, there will be emphasis on persuading farmers to gradually shift from tobacco cultivation to horticulture. This is envisaged to bring nearly 84,000 hectares of land under horticulture by 2025.

Rural development

  • The suggestions of the group on agriculture and rural development was high on targets and it envisaged asphalting 4,795.88 km of rural roads in the district, construction of 88,155 individual toilets, providing skill development to 4.20 lakh families in rural areas, establishment of solid waste treatment plant in all the 263 gram panchayats, expanding e-governance to rural areas, and digitization of land records, among others.

Investment destination

  • Projecting Mysuru as the next best investment destination in the State, the creation of an industrial township authority to expedite industrial growth, linking Mysuru with Bengaluru with a high-speed rail network, enhancing air connectivity with the rest of India, converting all villages with a population above 2,000 into digital villages, opening a Police University in Mysuru, were other suggestions made.
World Heart Day observed
  • An awareness rally on heart diseases and their prevention was taken out in the city by the Cardiological Society of India, Mysuru Chapter, on 8th Oct.
  • This was part programmes marking World Heart Day.
  • A release said the Mysuru Chapter of CSI aims to prevent and control heart diseases by promoting a healthy diet, activity and educate the public on the benefits of abstaining from tobacco consumption. “The mission aims to reduce premature deaths by heart diseases by 25% by 2025 and has been endorsed by the World Health Organisation as 25 by 25.”
  • This year’s theme was ‘Share the Power’ and was described as the responsibility of individuals to share the information and enhance the understanding of heart-related illness.
  • The participants marched through the main thoroughfares of the city. They comprised medical and paramedical staff and students from different institutions.
Saligrama Yakshagana mela gets ready for golden jubilee tour
  • When more than 40 Yakshagana melas (touring troupes) in the coastal belt will begin their annual “tirugata” (seasonal tour) from next month, Sri Guruprasadita Yakshagana Mandali of Saligrama will make the difference as it will be its golden jubilee tour.
  • Popularly called Saligrama Mela, it will begin its consecutive 50th year tour from November 19, by performing at Saligrama near Udupi.
  • A mela, which gave shelter to a number of well known artistes, including star “Bhagawatha” (singer director) the late G.R. Kalinga Navada, and late Shiriyara Manju Naika, is a team of 75 persons, including about 35 artistes. Senior artistes like Jalavalli Venkatesh Rao and Airodi Govindappa are still attached with the mela.
  • It is one of the two surviving tent melas (which pitches tent and performs by gate collection) which performs both “Bayalata” (sponsored one) and on its own by issuing tickets in its counter.
  • Founded by the late Parampally Sridhara Hande, popularly called Yajamana Sridhara Hande, he managed it for a year and later handed over the mela to Palli Somanatha Hegde, a transport operator who owned a fleet of buses and lorries, owing to increase in cost. Mr. Hegde managed the mela for 17 years.
  • Mr. Hegde’s the then teenager son P. Kishen Hegde took over its reins when his father expired. “I was a final year mechanical student at Nitte Engineering College then.
  • Death of its star “Bhagawatha” Navada in a road accident on May 27, 1990, did shake the mela for sometime as he was with the mela for more than a decade.
  • In its 49-year journey, it also lost another star performer, Mr. Naika, who collapsed on the stage while performing the role of Parashurama in Bheeshma Vijaya prasanga at the golden jubilee hall in Manipal in rainy season. Mr. Kishen Hegde said that the mela now presented about 250 shows annually which included rainy season shows in halls across the country. Of about 180 shows during the November-May “tirugata” season, half of them were tent shows.
  • Though the detailed golden jubilee programmes are yet to be finalised they will be celebrated during the last 50 days of the present season’s “tirugata”, he further said.

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