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1. Choose the correct statements about Hyder Ali

  1. He was the commander in chief in the army of Dalawyi Nanjayya

  2. He lost the first Anglo Mysore war against the British in 1767

  3. He was killed in the second Anglo Mysore war in 1782

  4. He built Dariya daulat and lalbagh gardens at Srirangapatna

a. Only 1 is correct

b. 1 and 2 are correct

c. 1,3 and 4 are correct

d. All are correct

2. Who was the founder of Arvidu dynasty

a. Achyuta Raya

b. Sadasiva Raya

c. Krishnadeva Raya

d. Tirumala Raya

3. Who rose in revolt against the British during the 1857-58 uprising

a. Raja Venkatappa Nayaka of Surapur

b. Dhondiya Wagh

c. Kittur Rani Chennamma

d. Krishshnappa Nayaka of Balam

4. The kodagu uprising was led by

a. Budibasappa in 1830-31

b. Swamy Aparamara in 1835-37

c. Sardar Gurusiddappa in 1833

d. Sangolli Rayanna in 1829

5. Which of the following are kannada journals that spread nationalistic spirit among the people of Karnataka

a. Vrittanta chintamani

b. Kesari

c. Suryakanta

d. Jaimini bharata

6. Who shifted the capital of Mysore state to Bangalore?

a. Lewin Bowring

b. Mark Cubbon

c. John Briggs

d. Sir Richard Meade

7. ‘Mysore Chalo ‘ movement was

a. Demand for responsible government

b. Demand for karnataka unification

c. No tax campaign in Mysore state

d. Quit India movement in Karnataka

8. Hyderabad State Congress was started by

a. Swamy ramananda teerta

b. Sir Mirza Ismail

c. Nizam of Hyderabad

d. janardan Rao Desai

9. The integral principles of India”s foreign policy “Non Alignment and Five principles for peaceful existence” was propogated by

a. Mahatma Gandhi

b. Lal Bahadur Shastri

c. Jawaharlal Nehru

d. IndiraGandhi

10. Justice Miller Committee was formed in 1918 for

a. To look into the grievances of ivory canal peasants

b. To recommend for the upliftment of Backward classes in Mysore

c. To look into the causes of Ganapathi disturbances

d. To set up a strong institution against the congress dominance in Mysore

11. Identify the correct statements about Praja Mitra Mandali in Mysore state

  1. It was inspired by The Justice Party of Madras

  2. It opposed the demand for responsible government in Mysore

  3. It demanded expansion of educational facilities of backward classes by opening hostels and extending scholarships

  4. It was successful in becoming a strong force against the Congress dominance in Mysore

a. Only 1 and 2

b. Only 1, 2 and 3

c. All the above

d. None of the above

12. Nagar Insurrection that led to the annexation of Mysore by the East India company during 1831 was during the period of

a. Krishnaraja wodeyar II

b. Krishnaraja Wodeyar III

c. Chamaraja VIII

d. Chamarajendra

Question 13 and 14 contain two statements I and II. Answer these using the following codes to identify the “True statements:


a. Both the statements are true

b. Only statement I is true

c. Only statement II is true

d. Both statement are false


I. Representative assembly was convoked in 1881 when Sheshadri Iyer was the dewan of Mysore

II. Rangacharlu was the first Diwan of Mysore


I. Mysore Rule during the period of Krishnaraja odeyar is called the Golden age of Mysore

II. Krishnaraja odeyar III was called the Morning star of Renaissance in Karnataka

15. Identify the incorrect statements

  1. The Dakshinadi school is the Karnataka school of music

  2. The Taphe dance form in temples which was banned gave a blow to traditional dance in Mysore

  3. The rule of Krishnaraja Odeyar IV encouraged the development of independent Mysore School of Painting

  4. The Gudigars of north west Karnataka are famous sculptors known for their intricate work on ivory or wood

a. 1 and 2 only

b. 3 and 4 only

c. 2 and 3 only

d. 1 and 4 only

16. Gandhara School of Art developed in the reign of

a. Chandra Gupta Maurya

b. Ashoka

c. Chandra Gupta

d. Kanishka

17. In which of the following places rock cut architecture is not found

a. Aihole

b. Badami

c. Ajanta

d. Pattadkal

18. Which of the following is called the ‘tajmahal of Deccan’

a. Gol gumbaz

b. Jami masjid

c. Ibrahim rouza

d. Rangin mahal

19. With respect to the Mysore legislative council, which of the following statement is true?

  1. It was established when V.P Madhavarao was the Dewan of Mysore

  2. At that time of its formation the Council consisted of not less than 10 and not more than 15 additional members to be nominated by the Government, out of which not less than two-fifths were required to be non-officials.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

a. 1 only

b. 2 only

c. Both 1 and 2

d. Neither 1 nor 2

20. Which of the following significant events occurred during Belgaum session of Congress in 1924

  1. The state anthem of Karnataka was sung for the first time

  2. State Karnataka Unification Conference was also held

  3. Praja Samyukta Paksha was merged with Congess

  4. Gandhiji presided the Congress session

a. 1 and 4 only

b. 4 only

c. 1, 2 and 4 only

d. All the above


  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. B
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  11. B
  12. B
  13. D
  14. A
  15. C
  16. B
  17. D
  18. C
  19. C
  20. C

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