NammaKPSC Classroom: KAS 2016-17 challengers- All About Bhadra tiger project

Why In News: The tiger conservation programme of Bhadra National Park has got a shot in the arm with the Central government giving its nod for a Rs 9-crore action plan to take the project forward.

For KPSC/KAS exams important points to remembered from this article

  1. Bhadra National park- location
  2. What was it called earlier?
  3. Flora and fauna in the park
  4. What is Mstrips

  • While the fund is awaited, it has been planned to strengthen anti-poaching camps, modernise facilities for effective watch and ward, adopt fire prevention methods, among others, under the action plan submitted to the Centre
  • The Centre provides most of the funds for conservation of tigers in the country, following the recommendation of National Tiger Conservation Authority.
  • Last year, Bhadra project was sanctioned Rs 5 crore. The grant was spent on daily wages of forest watchers, maintenance and setting up of three new anti-poaching camps, drives to prevent forest fires and improvement of animal habitats.
  • The park spread across 500 sq km, has an estimated 30 tigers. Taking this into cognisance, 36 anti-poaching camps were set up in the first phase and three more camps were added last year, taking the total to 39 camps
  • Each camp comprises a team of four forest watchers and two permanent guards, equipped with arms, GPS device, smartphone and walkie-talkies. They are entrusted with the task of round the clock vigil.
  • Six such camps are set up near Bhadra backwaters to keep a vigil against timber smuggling and poachers sneaking into the forest using coracles.
  • To monitor the activities of anti-poaching camp personnel, a dedicated system called ‘monitory system for tiger intensive poaching and ecological systems (Mstrips) has been in place since 2012.
  • With this Bhadra has the credit of becoming one among seven national parks in the country to be equipped with such a system. The activities are monitored from a dedicated control room.
  • The successful rehabilitation of tribals living in the villages inside the forest is another reason that has come in handy in protecting the big cats. As many as 736 families had been identified during 2001-02, with 436 among them being rehabilitated under the tiger project.
  • It is also considered one of the successful rehabilitation programmes in the country.
  • Barring the death of a tiger in territorial fight, there are no reports of tiger deaths due to natural or unnatural reasons till date. Wild gaurs were on the verge of extinction 20 years ago, but now, their numbers are on the rise.

About Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuarycsr-bhadra-tiger-reserve-chikmagalur-1-638

  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area and a Project Tiger, tiger reserve located 38 km (24 mi). Northwest of Chikkamagaluru town in Karnataka
  • One of the most fascinating sanctuaries it is surrounded by Baba Budan Giri range of hills. The 493 square kilometers jungles shelter some exquisite flora and fauna.
  • In 1951, the Government of Mysore had declared this area as Jagara Valley Wildlife sanctuary. And in 1974, In 1974, it was reconstituted as the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and was brought under Project Tiger in 1998
  • The sanctuary gets its name from the Bhadra River, which flows through reserve. It’s tributaries also feed this reserve. A dam has been built on the Bhadra near Lakkavalli.
  • Water-based adventures, trekking, island camping, bird watching and rock climbing are the added attraction along with the wildlife viewing on jeeps.


  • The vegetation is predominantly of Tropical moist mixed deciduous forest, tropical dry deciduous forest, semi-evergreen forest.
  • The terrain is mostly covered with 120 species of flora. Main species are Teak, rosewood, mathi, honne, nandi, tadasalu and kinda.
  • Inside the sanctuary, a big teak tree aged about 300 years, known as the Jagara Giant, whose girth is a whopping 5.21m, is one of the attractions of the sanctuary.


  • The ravines of this sanctuary are home to a large variety of fauna. The southern part of the sanctuary is rich in butterflies and reptiles. Besides 28-30 Tigesr, the great Indian Gaur,Wild Boar, Wild Dog, Barking Deer, Sloth Bear, Giant Indian Squirrel, Flying fox, Mongoose, Elephant, Panther, Babbler, Barbet all have made their home in the forests of the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Among 200 species birds, one can spot the Black winged kite, Malabar whistling thrush, Great horned owl, Great pied hornbill, Indian tree pie, Quaker babbler, Yellow bulbul, King vulture, Black-naped blue flycatcher and the open billed stork.
  • There are plenty of butterflies. Yam fly, Baronet, Crimson rose, Southern birdwing, Tailed jay, Great orange tip, Bamboo tree brown and Blue pansy have all made their home here.
  • The reptile species consists of Flying snake, Rock python, Marsh Crocodiles, Bronze backed tree snake, Common garden lizard and Monitor lizard, Atlas moth and the Indian pond turtle.
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