Karnataka Current Affairs for KAS / KPSC Exams – 02nd June 2017

Karnataka State sets up 7th pay commission

7th Pay Comission

  • The State government on 1st June constituted the seventh pay commission and appointed the former IAS officer Srinivas Murthy as its chairman.
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had announced the constitution of a pay commission in the 2017–18 State Budget for revising the the pay scales of about six lakh State government employees.
  • This would mean that the state government employees of Karnataka will soon get to hear good news about a pay hike.
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced the constitution of the pay commission in the State budget for 2017-18, for revision of pay-scale of about six lakh State government employees.
  • It may be recalled that the employees of the Karnataka government had called off the strike scheduled for May 4 protesting the lack of a salary hike.
  • They took the decision following an assurance by the CM who agreed to set up a panel to explore the possibility of a pay hike. Now with the pay commission being set up, the Karnataka government employees can soon expect a pay hike.

Benefit for 6 lakh employees

  • The setting up of the commission by the Karnataka government would mean there is good news on its way for 6 lakh employees.
  • The strike call for May 4 was backed by pensioners as well. However the strike was called off following an assurance.

Assurance by finance department

  • An assurance by the finance department of Karnataka was given that the grievances of the employees would be looked into.
  • The finance department had approved the proposal and had said that it would notify a commission soon. The proposal saw the light of the day with Siddaramaiah constituting the 7th Pay Commission.

What state employees are asking for

  • The demand by the state government employees of Karnataka is that they want a pay hike.The Karnataka State Government employees association have asked for release of 30 per cent of amount (with effect from April 1, 2017) as an interim relief.

Karnataka: Chief Secretary told to provide tech support to quasi-judicial bodies

Tech Support

  • The Karnataka High Court on 1st June directed the Chief Secretary to provide hardware and software to them within four months to eliminate delays and to promote disposal of cases.
  • Justice A.N. Venugoapala Gowda issued the direction while disposing of a petition related to delay caused by Deputy Commissioner of Tumakuru district in disposing of a case related to transfer of land under the Karnataka Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prohibition of Transfer of Certain Lands) Act, 1978, through which the court examined pendency of cases before various quasi-judicial bodies in the State.
  •  While directing that all quasi-judicial bodies should web host the proceedings and issue final order in every case with promptness, the court also said that all the authorities performing quasi-judicial functions should endeavour to expedite the hearing and decide the cases in a time-bound manner of six months, from the time the case reaches the stage of hearing oral arguments.
  • Also, the court directed the Chief Secretary to ensure the departmental heads that the authorities performing quasi-judicial functions give preference to quasi-judicial cases and take up cases on the scheduled hearing dates and try to expedite hearing of the cases, which in turn will restore the confidence of the common man in the justice delivery system.

 World Environment Day: Zilla panchayat to clear garbage along highways


  • The Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat has decided to undertake a one-time exercise to clear garbage dumped on the flanks of State and national Highways in Mangaluru and Bantwal taluks to mark World Environment Day on June 5.
  • The exercise is also aimed at creating awareness among the residents about proper disposal of waste.
  • The panchayat has identified 35 places under 38 gram panchayats for the drive, where garbage is being rampantly thrown.
  • About 50-70 tonnes of garbage is estimated to have been dumped in those places.
  • While gram panchayats are bound to keep surroundings clean, lack of punitive powers to deal with people dumping waste has affected the move.
  •  Chief Executive Officer said after the cleanliness drive, the ZP will plant saplings in most of the 35 places to discourage people from dumping waste.
  • The Mangaluru City Corporation has promised to take all the collected waste at its Pachchanadi dumping yard
  • The meeting was attended by stakeholders from educational institutions, panchayat development officers, heads of educational institutions and other invitees who offered to cooperate with the initiative.
  • A representative of voluntary service organization said that his organisation intends to set up parks in waste dumping spots on the Mangaluru-Moodbidri road, but is wary of proceeding since the area has been marked for expansion of the national highway.
  • Some participants highlighted lack of designated dumping yards for gram panchayats which force rampant disposal of solid waste.
  • Ramakrishna Mission’s Swatch Mangaluru Abhiyan Convener Swamy Ekagamyanandaji said the Mission would extend all its help to the initiative.

Aeration exercise taken up

aeration exercise in the stagnant water

  • The district administration under the supervision of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) undertook aeration exercise in the stagnant water downstream of Malavoor vented dam across the Phalguni (Gurupura) on 1st June.
  • The exercise aims to increase oxygen levels, which had reached zero level and also to loosen the sludge sediments of waste accumulated at the bottom of the river.
  • KSPCB’s Environment Officer Rajashekar Puranik, who was supervising the exercise, told that the district administration had asked Dakshina Kannada Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union (DKMUL) and the Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers (MCF) to undertake aeration exercise to increase dissolved oxygen level in the water.
  •  While one air-compressor fitted to a tractor was being used in the morning to blow air to the subsurface, four more such units would have to be deployed even on 2nd June as the area is vast
  • As the air was blown to the subsurface of the river, thick black sediments came out bringing up all kinds of waste thrown into the river, including plastic and other material.
  • Mr. Puranik said that expected fresh water flow into the river with the onset of Monsoon is expected to flush out the sediments further down towards the sea.

State seeks Centre’s okay for Rs 45K-cr water project


  • Karnataka on 1st June urged the Centre to approve its long-pending Rs 45,000-crore worth drinking water project proposal to supply clean water to villages located near rivers.
  • The state government had submitted the proposal to the Centre seeking funds to provide drinking water to villages on river banks. The government should expedite its approval
  • Nanjayyanamatt, who met Union Minister of State for Drinking Water and Sanitation Ramesh Jigajinagi here said that the project would help address the water crisis in several villages located close to rivers.
  • As the project requires huge investment, the state requested the Centre to share the burden. The Union Minister promised to study the proposal in detail
  • While demanding that the Centre sanction the remaining amount of the Rs 386 crore allotted to Karnataka under Swachh Bharat Yojana, he also sought an additional Rs 700 crore to build toilets to make the state open defecation free.
  • To make the state open defecation free, another 27 lakh toilets have to be built
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