2020-21 Integrated Offline Programme

NammaKPSC academy conducts following offline classes: 

For UPSC and KPSC examinations 

1. GS prelims: 7 months class programme by subject experts and previous toppers. 
  • Complete Printed materials
  • Digital class rooms
  • Printed monthly current affairs magazine
  • Class test and test series
  • Study room and library facility
  • Mentoring by councillors
2. Anthropology Optional class- 4 months programme by Dr Arjun Bopanna and team

3.Mains- 6 months programme

  • Comprehensive completion of syllabus
  • Digital class rooms
  • Daily answer writing practice 
  • Class test and test series
  • Study room and library facility
  • Mentoring by councillors
4.Specific Modules:
  • Indian economy: 20 days programme 
  • Ethics and integrity: 20 days programme
  • Science and technology: 20 days programme
  • Karnataka History and geography: 15 days programme
5. Prelims test series 
6. Free Interview guidance programme 

Other examinations 

1. Banking classes
  • 4 months class programme
  • Complete materials
  • Daily worksheet handouts
  • study room and library facility
2. General studies classes
  • For all competitive examinations: Group A/B/C/D
  • 4 months duration

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Morning Batch 1: 8am to 10am
Morning Batch 2: 10:30am to 12:30pm
Evening Batch: 6pm to 8pm
Weekend Batch: Saturday and Sunday- 2pm to 6pm

Fee and Admission process: 

Contact: 9886151564 / 9886777417/ 080-424103963
Institute address:
Branch1: #18, 2nd floor, near Hebbal police station, Bellary Main road, Hebbal, Bangalore-24
Branch 2: #211, 5th Main, Hampinagar, Near Athiguppe metro station, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-40
Our Team: 
  1. Dr Arjun Bopanna: Programme Director Indian Polity and Constitution, Economy, Public Administration and Ethics & Aptitude
  2. Mr Rajesh Ponappa: Science & Tech and Geography; 
  3. Mr Darshan: Environment and ecology 
  4. Mr Syed: History and Culture; World History 
  5. Miss Pritha.H (TWSO-KAS-2011 Batch) International Relations
  6. Dr Hemanth: (AC-CT 2011 Batch) Geography
  7. Mr Pratik: Aptitude & Statistics
  8. Mr Lokesh: Karnataka History
  9. Mr Syed: Karnataka Geography, Agriculture & Karnataka Programmes
  10. Mr Adarsh: Student Counsellor (9886151564)
  11. Mr Sudarshan: Student Counsellor (9886777417)
  12. Miss Rashmi: Content development 
  13. Miss Asha Antony: Content development 
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