Mains test series 2014

We had conducted Test series for UPSC Mains-2014… You can download them for free here…

We plan to conduct similar such Test series for KPSC Mains… which will cover General Studies and Anthropology.. The tests can be downloaded from our website.. The schedule will be worked out soon… so stay in touch!!!!

Download UPSC Mains test series 2014- papers
1. Indian Culture, Indian History, Post independent History, World History and Indian Society
To download click test 1
2. Indian Economy, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Science and Technology
To download click test2,
3. Indian constitution and Governance
To download click test3
4. International relations, Environment and Biodiversity, Security Issues and Disaster Management
To download click test4
5. Full GS Paper 1 and Some current issues
To download click test5

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