Major Schools of thought + Case study

Q1. Was Jayaprakash Narayan’s Total Revolution a Utopian ideal? Analyse. (200 words)

Q2. Give a comparative description of Hindutva concept of V.D Savarkar and M.S Golwalkar. (150 words)

Q3. Critically evaluate the impact of Dravidian Movement, with special reference to Karnataka. (150 words)

Q4. Examine the role played by Indian National movement in Eradication of Social and religious evils in Indian society. Substantiate your answer. (300 words) 

Q5. Answer the following question in not more than 50 words.

  1. Principles of Satyagraha
  2. Self Respect Movement
  3. Efforts towards female education in the Mysore state
  4. Theosophical society of Adyar
  5. Socrates of South Asia


Carefully study the case studies given below and answer the questions that follows: 

Q1. You are the Vice-Chancellor of Dharwad University. You get a written complaint from a female student, studying in your university. She alleges that one of her male senior has molested her and has passed sexually obscene remarks against her. In the mean time, she has posted the incident on social media which has gained widespread attention from student unions, mass media and local politicians. You are under tremendous pressure to rusticate the male student and debar him from taking up the upcoming examination.

What are the various options available to you? Examine its merits and demerits. Also mention what will be your course of action and why. (20 Marks)

Q2. In the above case, it is later revealed that the boy is innocent. Due to public shaming the boy has left college and has been subjected to social boycott. The female student made a false complaint in order to garner attention for personal gains during the upcoming college student union election.

Answer the following question based on the above case study. ( 5 Marks each)

  1. What are various ethical issues involved?
  2. what is the correct course of action?
  3. What measures will you take, in order to prevent such event from taking place in future?
  4. Write note on ethical issues involved in social medial trial.


Tomorrows Topic:  Section III (Paper 1) : Post independent Karnataka + Social change and Movement + Social change and Modernization.  

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