National Current Affairs – UPSC/KAS Exams – 15th November 2018

Govt to issue Rs 75 coin to mark 75th anniversary of Tricolour hoisting by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

In News:The Ministry of Finance has issued a notification regarding the release of the Rs 75 coin along with its specifications.


  • On 29th December 1943, Netaji accompanied by Sarvashri Anand Mohan Sahay, Captain Rawat – ADC and Col. DS Raju, the personal physician of Netaji, landed at the Port Blair aerodrome in the Andamans. He was received by the Japanese admiral at Port Blair
  • In the year 1943, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose hoisted the National Flag for the first time at the Gymkhana Ground (present Netaji Stadium) in Port Blair. He also announced the Islands, the first Indian Territory freed from the British rule.
  • Bose named Andaman Island as Shaheed and Nicobar Island as Swaraj and appointed INA General AD Loganathan as the governor of the Islands. Azad Hind Government was not merely a Government in Exile anymore but had its own land, own currency, civil code and stamps.

Three key things to know about the coin

  1. The Rs 75 coin, bearing image of ‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’ saluting the flag on the background of cellular jail, would be 35-gram in weight
  2. The coin would be composed of 50 percent silver, 40 percent copper, and 5 percent each of nickel and zinc
  3. Just below the portrait of Bose, a numeral 75th along with inscription anniversary would be showcased on the coin. In addition, the coin would bear an inscription of both Devanagari script and English saying ‘First Flag Hoisting Day’.
India, UK launch new research initiative on cancer

In News:

  • The India-UK Cancer Research Initiative is a collaborative 5-year bilateral research initiative by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, India and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) that will focus on affordable approaches to cancer. Both CRUK and DBT will invest £5m each in this 5-year pilot, and seek further investment from other potential funding partners.


  • The India-UK Cancer Research Initiative will identify a core set of research challenges that address issues of affordability, prevention and care of cancer by bringing together leading Indian and UK experts across clinical research, demographic research, new technologies and physical sciences.
  • The initiative will provide funding to develop new research alliances and undertake impactful research to enable significant progress against cancer outcomes.
  • This is a follow up of the joint statement issued by the Prime Ministers of India and UK during the visit of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to UK on April 18, 2018

How will it help?

  • The India-UK Cancer Research Initiative provides an opportunity to tackle the global epidemic of cancer by opening new pathways for international knowledge exchange and research base.
  • The research outcomes of this initiative will aid cancer prevention, control and management in the long term. T
  • he joint investment by both countries in this initiative is a testament to the emerging consensus that solutions to affordable cancer care lie in building strategic and evidence-based research partnerships that benefit the global cancer community.

Delhi Police launches E-Learning portal NIPUN for personnel training

In News: Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik launched the force’s e-learning portal NIPUN and training division website on November 14. Through the website, Delhi Police will be using advanced technology in imparting in-service training to its personnel


  • The e-learning portal aims to give online training and information through specialised courses designed by experts in the field.
  • With resources such as law, standing orders, investigation checklists, forms for case files, latest High Court and Supreme Court rulings being made available online through the e-learning portal, it is envisioned that the investigating officers will be able to take the benefit of this information during the course of their duty

The benefits

  • The flexibility of taking courses anytime and anywhere will now make it possible for police personnel to upgrade their skills and re-enforce their learning while balancing training time with work time, the senior officer said.
  • Many of the courses have been developed in-house while others have been finalised through collaboration with the University Grants Commission, industry body FICCI, National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and Janaki Devi Memorial College under the project CLAP (The Collaborative Learning and Partnership).
  • The Delhi Legal Service Authority has also consented to be partner in developing specific courses for Delhi Police

Hima Das appointed first youth ambassador of UNICEF India

In news

The United Nations Children’s Fund-India (Unicef-India) has appointed Asian Games gold-medalist sprinter Hima Das as the country’s first ever youth ambassador.

About Hima Das

  • Das is the second Assamese runner after Bhogeswar Baruah to win a gold medal at an international event. Baruah won a gold medal at the 1966 Asian Games in the men’s 800 meter event. The Government of Assam appointed her as the state’s brand ambassador for sports.
  • She was conferred with Arjuna Award by the President of India on 25 September 2018.


  • In her role as a Youth Ambassador, Hima will be working towards raising awareness about the rights and needs of children.
  • She will help amplify the voices of children and young people as active participants in decision making, thus contributing to their holistic development.
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