Rural poor in state get MNREGA support to build homes

  • Homeless rural residents of Karnataka will now get additional funds to build their houses

  • In a first for the country, the State government has decided to dovetail funds meant for subsidised housing schemes under various departments with the MNREGA scheme that pays the wages of individuals, who work to build their homes.
  • Till now, three different subsidised housing schemes under the housing and rural development departments paid around Rs. 40,000 to each poor beneficiary in three to four instalments. Now, they will get an additional Rs. 20,000 under MNREGA as wages for the person-days they spend on construction of the house. This is estimated to provide Rs. 520 crore to 2.6 lakh beneficiaries of housing schemes in 6,068 gram panchayats.
  • This new concept will help the rural poor as it releases around Rs. 500 crore in the next 100 days
  • A target of at least 50 beneficiaries per gram panchayat. Work orders are to be issued before the last week of March and work should be completed in three months.
  • There is no chance of diversion of funds as every rupee is electronically transferred to the beneficiary’s account every 14 days. Gram panchayat officials can draw money directly from a central account after due certification.


  • It will boost rural spending and help utilise funds from the central scheme by changing gears
  • Pace of work on housing schemes in some district has been slow. It is expected to pick up as the works will be reviewed repeatedly by senior officials of the Panchayat Raj and Housing Department
  • The pace of work on these schemes is generally lower in the HK region compared to other revenue divisions. Special emphasis will be laid in this region
  • Effective utilization of funds due to usage of electronic transfer of funds and preventing leakage.
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