Video Classes

 Orientation videos
  1. Orientation to KPSC
  2. How to prepare for General studies- All examinations
  3. Gazetted probationary examinations- Group A and B
    1. Orientation to Prelims
    2. Orientation to Mains
    3. Orientation to Interview
  4. How to prepare for Current affairs and Read News paper
  5. How to prepare for compulsory English
  6. How to prepare for compulsory Kannada
  7. Food for thought
Subject specific videos- Orientation videos and how to read  
  1. Polity and constitution
  2. Economy
  3. Environment and ecology
  4. Science and technology: Click here
  5. Indian History
  6. Karnataka History
  7. Karnataka Geography
  8. Geography- Physical and Indian: Click here
Anthropology Optional videos
  1. Orientation to anthropology: Click here
  2. Tribe-caste continuum: Click here
  3. Civilisation school of thought: Click here
  4. Political anthropology: Click here
  5. Anthropological thought: Classical evolution: Click here
  6. Functionalism: Click here
  7. Universal definition of marriage: Click here
  8. Social change in India: Click here
Other videos
  1. Karnataka budget and schemes 2019 – book orientation 
  2. Excise Sub-inspector-2018
  3. All about UPSC and KPSC examinations
  4. Police sub-inspector examinations:
    1. Orientation: Click here
    2. How to prepare for written exam: Click here
    3. PSI Paper 1 analysis: Click here
    4. PSI Paper 2 analysis: Click here
Toppers Videos
  1. Dr Srikanth- UPSC toppers: Click here
  2. KPSC 2014 toppers: Click here
Class room videos
  1. Science and Tech: Telecom generation: Click here
  2. Interview guidance Programme 1
  3. Interview guidance programme 2

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