Published on: December 6, 2021




Event to commemorate 100 years of Public accounts committee celebrated


  • Oldest Parliamentary Committee
  • First constituted in 1921.
  • Constituted by Parliament each year for examination of
  • Accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by Parliament for expenditure of Government of India
  • Annual Finance Accounts of Government of India
  • Such other accounts laid before Parliament as the Committee may deem fit such as accounts of autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies (except those of Public Undertakings and Government Companies which come under the purview of the Committee on Public Undertakings).
  • Structure – 22 Members, 15 Members are elected by Lok Sabha and 7 Members of the Rajya Sabha are associated with it.
  • Speaker is empowered to appoint the Chairman of the Committee from amongst its Members.
  • Function
    • Examines the three audit reports of CAG submitted to President viz. audit report on appropriation accounts, audit report on finance accounts and audit report on public undertakings.
    • Examines the appropriation accounts and the finance accounts of the Union government and any other accounts laid before the Lok Sabha. While doing this examination, it tries to ensure that money disbursed to various ministries was used for the purpose for which it was given; and this money was used as per rules and regulations.
    • Examines the accounts of the public service corporations {except those public undertakings which have been allotted to committee on public undertakings}, and other such bodies whose accounts are audited by CAG.