Published on: January 21, 2022



cytotec without a perscription NEWS Government of Karnataka celebrated the birth anniversary of Ambigara Chaudayya on 21 Janauary.


Nijasharana Shri Ambigara Chowdaiya (also spelled Caudayya)

  • Saint, poet and social critic in 12th century India.
  • Ferryman or boatman who went to Kalyan, joined the Virasaiva movement there and followed Lingayatism.
  • Influenced by Basava
  • Crude writings were critical of the higher castes
  • Described by K. A. Paniker as the angriest of the poets in the vachana movement.
  • Revered as a saint because of his 274 inspiring Pravachans
  • Challenged those who harassed women and those he considered to be religious charlatans.


  • A cave is named after Chowdaiya on the outskirts of Basavakalyan in Karnataka and that state’s Department of Kannada and Culture assists in the annual celebrations of his jayanti.
  • Also government of Karnataka has set up Nijasharana Ambigara Chowdaiah Development Corporation for the overall development of certain scheduled tribes of Karnataka. This corporation is taking up schemes like Swayam Udyoga Sala Yojane etc