Published on: November 8, 2023

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

Why in news? Barda Wildlife Sanctuary(BWLS)  proposed as second home for Asiatic lions


  • The Gujarat forest department presented its proposal to make BWLS the second home to the lions before the national steering committee meeting as part of “Project Lion @ 2047”.
  • National steering committee on “Project Lion @2047, Amritkal” has identified Barda as a potential site to accommodate lions in the landscape of Barda-Alech hills and coastal forests.

About Barda Wildlife  Sanctuary

  • Located in Gujarat with nearest city is Porbandar
  • Climate : Tropical climate is characterized by very hot summers.
  • Vegetation :Tropical forest with dry mixed deciduous forest and northern tropical thorn forest
  • Rivers: Bileshvary River and Joghri River
  • Sanctuary area supports ‘maldhari’ families

Flora and fauna:

  • Euphorbia scrub, dry deciduous scrub, and dry bamboo brakes are found
  • Blue bull, chinkara, blackbuck, and wolf are the main fauna population
  • Once known to have had a population of Asiatic lions, they deserted the area towards the end of the nineteenth century.