Published on: July 15, 2022



buy cipla accutane The Bharat Gaurav train connecting important pilgrimage centres in the north with Karnataka will be launched by the end of August

buy accutane uk online Highlights:

  • Approval has been given for the launch of the Bharath Gaurav train and where to buy modafinil australia Karnataka will be the first State in the country to launch the train.
  • The tickets for the seven-day trip will be subsidised by the State government. The train has been taken on lease by giving a bank guarantee of ₹1 crore
  • In a journey of over seven days, the train will cover buy dapoxetine new zealand Varanasi, Ayodhya and Prayagraj travelling a distance of 4,161 km.
  • It will have 14 bogies, of which 11 will have AC 3 tier facility and one will be converted as a ‘temple’ to hold bhajans.
  • The train will also be used to brand 11 top temples of the State with 11 bogies displaying details of the temples.
  • The State government has tied up with IRCTC for logistics and other facilities, including food, water and local transport.
  • While the cost of the seven-day trip is estimated to be ₹15,000 per person, the State government will reimburse ₹5,000.

The Bharat Gaurav train

  • In a historical move, in November 2021 the Indian Railways allowed private players to run theme-based Bharat Gaurav trains to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and historical places to the people of India, and from abroad.
  • The scheme will leverage the strengths of professionals in the tourism sector to run theme-based trains. The scheme is similar to IRCTC’s theme-based tourist trains like the Ramayana Express, which goes on a tour of several places connected to Lord Ram.

Why is the scheme significant?

  • The Bharat Gaurav scheme is significant on two major counts — the first is it allows private players with domain knowledge in the tourism sector to run these special trains. This was hitherto taken care of by the IRCTC.
  • The second is the Railways gets an incremental revenue from a new stream of business. This could pave way for more privatisation moves in running of both cargo and passenger trains.
  • These trains will help realise India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical places to the people of India and the world.
  • They will also help in tapping the vast tourism potential of India.