Published on: July 18, 2021



What : Plant that reproduces with the help of spores

Additional details :

  • “Cryptogamae” implies ‘hidden reproduction’
  • Called “flowerless” or “seedless plants” or ‘lower plants’
  • Need a moist environment to survive
  • Present in aquatic and terrestrial places
  • Examples : Algae, bryophytes, lichens, ferns and fungi

What is in news : India’s first cryptogamic garden was inaugurated in the Chakrata town of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Why this place

  • Height of 9,000 ft
  • Low pollution levels and moist conditions
  • Has pristine majestic forests of Deodar and Oak which create a natural habitat for cryptogamic species.

MAHITI FOR PRELIMS : Plant kingdom can be divided into two sub-kingdoms viz. Cryptogams and phanerogams