Published on: April 7, 2022



Llandudno NEWS

Students at a government higher primary school in southern Bengaluru showed signs of dental fluorosis during a recent screening, indicating high fluoride content in their drinking water DETAILS

  • Discolouration of teeth was noticed
  • The process is linked to high fluoride content in water


  • Abnormality caused by excessive fluoride intake
  • When too much fluoride is consumed while the teeth are developing in childhood and permanently affects teeth
  • Symptoms include
    • Cloudy white lines, spots, or marks on teeth
    • Teeth with a chalky appearance
    • Yellow or brown discoloration
    • Surface irregularities
    • Visible pits in tooth enamel
  • Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that’s been proven to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent tooth decay. But it’s only beneficial when consumed in the correct quantities. Over-consumption of fluoride can mean that teeth and bones don’t develop properly