Published on: August 17, 2021



What is food fortification: Food fortification or enrichment is the process of adding micronutrients (essential trace elements and vitamins) to food. It can be carried out by food manufacturers, or by governments as a public health policy which aims to reduce the number of people with dietary deficiencies within a population.

What is in news : While addressing the nation on 75th Independence Day, Prime Minister announced to provide fortified rice to poor under various schemes.

Details :

  • This decision was taken in order to address the problem of malnutrition in India.
  • Providing nutrition to every poor person India is a priority of the government.
  • This decision was taken in the view that, malnutrition and lack of essential nutrients among poor women and poor children is a major hurdle in their development. This, government will provide fortified rice with nutrition them.
  • Child Malnutrition is a major threat to the growth and development of children.
  • Micronutrient deficiencies or ‘hidden hunger’ also continue to pose significant public health problems in Indian populations.
  • This announcement is significant because, government distributes more than 300 lakh tonnes of rice under schemes covered under National Food Security Act (NFSA), 2013.