Published on: January 28, 2022




CVC modifies criteria for nomination of Independent External Monitors


  • Integrity Pact is a vigilance tool that envisages an agreement between the prospective vendors/bidders and the buyer, committing both the parties not to exercise any corrupt influence on any aspect of the contract.
  • The pact also ensures transparency, equity and competitiveness in public procurement.
  • It is a tool developed by Transparency International.
  • In June 2021, the Commission had issued the revised guidelines for adoption and implementation of the ‘Integrity Pact’, also specifying the eligibility criteria for nomination of IEMs, who oversee the execution of the clause.
  • They give recommendations to the authorities concerned after examining the complaints related to any contract.
  • Following feedback and suggestions from the Chief Vigilance Officers and other individuals, the CVC decided to modify the criteria.
  • Accordingly, through an order on Tuesday, the zone of consideration for empanelment as IEMs has been revised.
  • It now includes officers who have held the post of Additional Secretary to the Government of India; were in equivalent or higher pay scale at the time of retirement, whether at the Centre or in any State; and those who were Chairman-cum-Managing Directors (CMD) of Schedule ‘A’ public sector enterprises or were equivalent/higher to Additional Secretary to the Central government at the time of retirement.