Published on: November 26, 2021




Interpol elected official from the United Arab Emirates, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Naser al-Raisi as its new president during the international law enforcement body’s annual General Assembly held in Istanbul.


  • Full Form – International Criminal Police Organisation
  • 194-member intergovernmental organisation.
  • Headquarters – Lyon, France.
  • Formed in 1923 ( calling itself Interpol in 1956 )
  • India joined the organisation in 1949, and is one of its oldest members.
  • Declared global policing goals include countering terrorism, promoting border integrity worldwide, protection of vulnerable communities, providing a secure cyberspace for people and businesses, curbing illicit markets, supporting environment security, and promoting global integrity.
  • Interpol General Assembly
    • Supreme governing body
    • Comprises representatives from all its member countries.
    • Meets annually for a session lasting approximately four days, to vote on activities and policy.
    • Each country is represented by one or more delegates at the Assembly, who are typically chiefs of law enforcement agencies.
    • The Assembly also elects the members of the Interpol Executive Committee, the governing body which “provides guidance and direction in between sessions of the Assembly”
  • Assembly Resolutions
    • The General Assembly’s decisions take the form of Resolutions.
    • Each member country has one vote.
    • Decisions are made either by a simple or a two-thirds majority, depending on the subject matter.

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