Published on: November 22, 2021


KANAKA JAYANTI News Karnataka state government is celebrating Kanaka Jayanti

About Kanakadasa

  • Lived from 1509 to 1609
  • Follower of the Dwaita philosophy propounded by Madhavacharya.
  • Major works – Nalacharitre (the story of Nala and Damyanti), Haribhaktisara (the essence of Krishna Devotion), Nrisimhastava (compositions in praise of Lord Narsimha), Ramadhanyacharitre (an epic story of Ragi Millet), Mohanatarangini (about the river Krishna).
  • Writings dealt with class struggle, inequality, and injusticeand a
  • Always bluntly criticized those who opposed good practices
  • Used similes to rationalize the bhakti devotion
  • Identified more with the poor and downtrodden than with the rich
  • Wrote more than two hundred musical compositions in Carnatic Music