Published on: October 25, 2021



What is in news : Kerala wins award for city with most sustainable transport system

Details :

The award

  • Has been given in recognition of the projects implemented — like Kochi Metro, Water Metro and e-mobility — to enhance the transport facilities in the city of Kochi. The formation of the Kochi Open Mobility Network, which digitized and integrated various transport facilities, helped to win the award.
  • Given in recognition of the transport facilities in various states and Union Territories of India by Union Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs

About Kochi Open Mobility Network

  • Initiative of the Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority to support the local community in Kochi.
  • KOMN
    • Drives the integration of urban transport-across modes using technology, which is a key objective of Kochi MTA.
    • One of the novel initiatives towards digitising mobility, where all mobility apps in the network are built in such a way as to enable them to communicate with each other in the same language.
    • Offers an open interoperability led integration approach that is akin to the design of the Internet itself and to the UPI payments open infrastructure in India that has witnessed population scale adoption in a noticeably short period of time across the country.
  • Kochi MTA, backed by the Kerala MTA Act -November 2019, is the first authority of its kind in India to integrate, plan and regulate different commuting modes. KMTA is proud to power KOMN – the world’s first inclusive, multimodal mobility network enabled by open specifications of beckon protocol.