Published on: July 6, 2021


LAND BANK What is in news : India Industrial Land Bank is gaining popularity What is IILB : One-stop repository of all industrial infrastructure-related information – connectivity, infra, natural resources & terrain, plot-level information on vacant plots, line of activity, and contact details


  • What is Land banking- It is the practice of aggregating parcels or blocks of land at current market rates or lower, for future sale or development.
  • Who is a land aggregator: A entity which aggregates land by tracking the geographical and topological locations, which are primed for investment, based on social infrastructure and demographic factors.
  • Who engage in land bank : Governments, Enitites, NGO’s, Individuals
  • Why is it needed :
    • Quickly turn non-agricultural land into usable parcels
    • Benefit government to identity places where development projects can be taken up