Published on: September 1, 2021


LATHAM’S SNIPE What : Migratory Bird

Hamina What is in news :  Latham’s Snipe shorebird fly non-stop from Japan to Australia twice in a year. The bird takes five days to cover the distance of thousands of kilometres of ocean for their survival


  • Migratory shorebird
  • Similar in size to a blackbird
  • Also known as Japanese Snipe
  • Scientifically called as Gallinago hardwickii
  • Medium-sized, long-billed, migratory snipe in the East Asian–Australasian Flyway
  • Identified as a Gallinago snipe by its cryptically-patterned black, brown, buff and white plumage
  • Mainly breeds in Hokkaido in northern Japan and in small proportion in Honshu (eastern Russian mainland).
  • Breeding habitat of the bird in Asia include alpine moorland, rough pasture, young tree plantations, grasslands and cultivated areas.
  • Least Concern species
  • In Australia it was earlier hunted as a gamebird but it is now protected
  • The bird is listed as “rare” under South Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.