Published on: May 26, 2022


MONEY SPIDERS NEWS : where to order Clomiphene for pct Money spider discovered in India for first time


  • It is an ant-mimicking spider
  • Discovered at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Muthanga range
  • Commonly found in European meadows
  • The species is called so as it is “believed to bring luck” to the person who comes in contact with it.
  • Belongs to the family of dwarf spiders (Linyphiidae) under the genus Prosoponoides
  • It has been given the name Prosoponoides biflectogynus
  • Only six species of spiders belonging to this genus have been identified from across the world so far.
  • There are numerous fine black spines on their olive green legs.
  • Eight dark eyes are arranged in two rows
  • Females build triangular webs in between dry tree twigs and feed on small insects, while males prefer to hide beneath dry leaves.
  • Two or more male spiders can be found in the web of a single female.