Published on: March 8, 2022



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Speaking at the 12th edition of the ‘Bengaluru India Nano’ which is themed around the subject ‘NanoTech for sustainable future’, CM said Nano Urea will be a game changer in agri sector

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WHAT – Nutrient (liquid) to provide nitrogen to plants as an alternative to the conventional urea


  • Developed to replace conventional urea and it can curtail the requirement of the same by at least 50%
  • Contains 40,000 mg/L of nitrogen in a 500 ml bottle which is equivalent to the impact of nitrogen nutrient provided by one bag of conventional urea
  • Conventional urea is effective 30-40% in delivering nitrogen to plants, while the effectiveness of the Nano Urea Liquid is over 80%


  • Tested in over 11,000 farmers’ fields for 94 crops like rice and wheat.
  • An average 8% increase in yield has been witnessed.


  • It has been indigenously developed at Nano Biotechnology Research Centre, Kalol, Gujrat in line with Atmanirbhar Bharat and Atmanirbhar Krishi.
  • India is dependent on imports to meet its urea requirements.


  • Increases the production with improved nutritional quality
  • Boost a balanced nutrition program by reducing the excess use of Urea application in the soil and will make the crops stronger, healthier and protect them from lodging effect
  • Have a huge positive impact on the quality of underground water, a very significant reduction in global warming with an impact on climate change and sustainable development
  • Easy on the pocket of farmers and will be effective in increasing farmers’ income
  • Significantly bring down the cost of logistics and warehousing