Published on: January 1, 2022


POWERGRID NEWS POWERGRID celebrated anniversary of One Nation-One Grid-One Frequency on 31 December

About One Nation One Grid One Frequency

Grid management in the country, on a regional basis started in the sixties. At the beginning, state grids were interconnected to form a regional grid and India was demarcated into 5 regions namely Northern, Eastern, Western, North Eastern and Southern regions. With time each grid was connected to the other, to allow greater availability and transfer of power. It all came together when the Southern Region was connected to the Central Grid, with commissioning of 765 kV Raichur-Solapur Transmission Line, thereby achieving ‘ONE NATION-ONE GRID-ONE FREQUENCY’


  • Originated in 1989 under the Companies Act of 1956,
  • Incorporated as the National Power Transmission Corporation of India limited, Name was changed in 1992
  • Incorporated as a public limited company, wholly owned by the Government of India.
  • Now, it is a Maharatna company.
  • Headquartered in Gurugram.
  • Businesses include power transmission and distribution and energy trading.
  • Subsidiary company POSOCO (Power System Operation Corporation Ltd.) engages in power management.
  • Also has a telecom business named POWERTEL.
  • Functions
    • Administration of Transmission of Power
    • Planning the projects
    • Executing the projects
    • Owning and operating the projects
    • Maintaining the projects