Published on: October 15, 2022

Public Affairs Index 2022

Public Affairs Index 2022

Why in news?

 Karnataka secured the sixth place in delivery of social ,economic and political justice among 18 large states.


  • The Seventh edition of PAI brought out by Bengaluru based Public Affairs centre on governance in the states in India
  • Haryana topped the list in three kinds of justice , followed by Tamil nadu , Kerala ,Chhattisgarh , Punjab and Karnataka(Which secured seventh place in 2021)

Criteria for grading Ranking

  • Economic justice category : labour productivity , wages of workers ,public expenditure ,social safety net and employment opportunities have been included.
  • political justice included devolution of powers to rural and urban local bodies , the incidence of crime , policing and redress of under trail population
  • Social justice included learning outcomes for school goers , safer drinking water and sanitation, early childhood development outcomes , ease of logistics and trade and regularity and reliability of power supply

Importance of Report

  • The report makes paradigmatic shift in its approach adopting the constitutionally mandated framework of the roles and responsibilities of the state as the basis to assess the quality  and the adequacy of their governance performance