Published on: August 30, 2021



What is in news : Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has launched the India’s first ‘Quantum Computer Simulator (QSim) Toolkit’.

Details :

  • QSim is the first-of-its-kind toolkit, indigenously developed in India.
  • It meant to be a vital tool of learning and understanding the practical aspects of programming with the help of Quantum Computers. It will thus bring about a new era of Quantum Computing research in India.
  • This toolkit has been developed jointly by scientists of IIT Roorkee, C-DAC and IISc Bangalore.
  • It was developed with the support and funding of MeitY.

About the toolkit

  • This toolkit was launched in order to enable researchers and students to do research in Quantum Computing in a cost-effective manner.
  • It allows researchers and students to write and debug Quantum Code which is essential to develop Quantum Algorithms.
  • It can serve as the essential educational and research tool to provide an excellent way to attract students and researchers towards the Quantum Technology.
  • QSim creates a platform which will helps students and users to acquire skills of programming and designing real Quantum Hardware.

Key features of the QSim

  • Most unique feature of QSim is its Intuitive User Interface. This interface offers a robust Quantum Computer Simulator along with a Graphical User Interface based Workbench in an integrated manner in order to create Quantum programs and visualize instant circuit generation simulated outputs.

Quantum Computing: Quantum Computing perform a variety of tasks in a faster manner and efficiently than present-day computers by utilizing the power of Quantum Mechanics. It is used in the fields of cryptography, machine learning, and computational chemistry.