Published on: August 9, 2022

10th-century Kannada inscription

10th-century Kannada inscription

Why in news?

A hero stone inscription in Kannada belonging to the 10th century CE, with reference to Rashtrakuta King Krishna III, was discovered in the fields of a village in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, recently.

Where was it found?

  • The hero stone inscription was found in the fields outside the Pannapalli village in Veppanapalli taluk, Nachikuppam gram panchayat.

Whom does it belong to?

  • The inscription, which is in Kannada language with characters of the 10th century CE, belongs to the period of Nolamba king Anniga who was also known as Bira Nolamba.

Political history

  • the inscription on the hero stone seems to record land gifted by king Anniga or Bira Nolamba to one Pallaya who died in the battle with Aragella a military officer and subordinate of Rashtrakutas. The hero stone was erected by the family members of Pallaya in his commemoration.
  • The hero stone has a carving of a person with a large dagger in his right hand and what appears to be a bow in the left hand. On the right hand corner of the stone the deceased is depicted as being transported to heaven by two celestial women.
  • the inscription is important as one gets a hunch that the killing of Pallaya was part of a strategy of the Rashtrakutas to weaken the subordinates of the Cholas before taking them on in the famous battle of Takkolam in 949 CE.