Published on: June 16, 2023

AI governance global

AI governance global

Why in news? The G-7 Summit, hosted by Japan, took place in Hiroshima initiated the Hiroshima AI Process (HAP) to regulate Artificial Intelligence.


What is the Hiroshima AI process?

  • Hiroshima AI process is established through a G7 working group, in an inclusive manner and in cooperation with the OECD and GPAI, for discussions on generative AI
  • Discussions could include topics such as governance, safeguard of intellectual property rights including copyrights, promotion of transparency, response to foreign information manipulation, including disinformation, and responsible utilisation of these technologies.

Why is the process notable?

  • The implementation must be aligned with values such as freedom, democracy, and human rights
  • Communique also stresses fairness, accountability, transparency, and safety with Openness and fair processes

Is there an example of how the process can help?

  • The matter of intellectual property rights (IPR) offers an example of how the Hiroshima AI Process( HAP) can help.
  • The question is whether training a generative AI model, like ChatGPT, on copyrighted material constitutes a copyright violation.
  • The HAP can help the G-7 countries move towards a consensus on this issue by specifying guiding rules and principles related to AI and IPR.