Published on: July 5, 2023

Artemis Accords

Artemis Accords

Why in news? India signs Artemis Accords



  • India opens up opportunities for enhanced collaboration with other signatories
  • Collaboration can involve sharing of data, technology, and resources
  • Access to Advanced Technologies which can significantly contribute to India’s efforts in areas such as human missions, moon landings, planetary explorations, and the establishment of a space station
  • Raises India’s profile and establishes it as a significant player in the global space arena
  • Enable India to leapfrog and benefit from technological advancements achieved by countries like the US, Russia, and
  • Strengthening National Space Capabilities


  • Balance with Russia
  • Overreliance on External Technologies
  • Potential Loss of Autonomy
  • Unequal Benefits and Power Dynamics
  • Impact on Domestic Development Priorities


  • Includes plans for a base on the lunar surface, multiple spacecraft to ferry humans and cargo, an orbiting space station, and a constellation of satellites to help with navigation and communication
  • First Artemis crewed mission – 2026
  • Will take the first woman, and the “first person of colour”, to the moon