Published on: December 21, 2021


BDA MASTER PLAN 2041 NEWS Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has kick-started the process of drafting a fresh master plan for the city by revising the horizon period to 2041 .


The vision document —

  • Focused on planning and regulating developmental activity especially on the outskirts of Bengaluru — is e
  • Expected to steer growth on the principle of creating a ‘compact city’
  • Authority follows the RMP 2015, and there are concerns over unchecked and uncontrolled development activities in the city’s peripheral areas.
  • RMP is expected to run into seven volumes
  • Later volumes will have a bouquet of surveys: on ecology, hydrology, land capacity analysis, heritage and culture.
  • Consultant is also expected to provide a city-wide stakeholder consultation report. Another major component will be land-use forecasting.
  • Previous master plans did showcase a grand strategy for the city, there were lacunae in their implementation.