Published on: November 13, 2021




Bengaluru Solid Waste Management Limited (BSWML) has been set up as a government-owned company to execute solid waste management (SWM) projects on behalf of BBMP based on an executive order and without any statutory basis which is essential.


  • Empowered statutorily as a procurement entity on behalf of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike as envisaged in the proposed New Bengaluru Governance (NBG) Bill, 2021.
  • will have a Governing Council headed by the chief minister and an Executive Committee
  • composition of the BSWML as conceived in the government order can be reconfigured as its executive committee under the law. Administrative approvals for all the projects are accorded by BBMP Council or the BSWMA depending upon the value of the project cost.
  • Exercise the financial power of the state government to avoid unnecessary delay
  • Will be made responsible for the preparation of SWM master plan for the Bengaluru Urban District including phase-wise investment plan with milestones, which should be routed through Bangalore Metropolitan Region Authority for incorporation in the five-year draft development plan to be prepared by the Greater Bengaluru Metropolitan Planning Committee
  • Shall be responsible for the identification and allocation of suitable land to BBMP for setting up of processing and disposal facilities for solid wastes as incorporated in the SWM master plan.


  • The BBMP Act, 2020 which is in force, stipulates ward committees as corporation authorities assigning them statutory powers in SWM and investment in Bengaluru. The newly established BSWML company runs contrary to the mandate of the BBMP Act in this regard.
  • Answers –
    • BSWML has not been statutorily backed by suitable enabling provisions in the BBMP Act.
    • BBMP Act has given statutory powers regarding SWM to the ward committees which is imprudent. These ward committees should have only a participatory role.
    • BSWML, without a statutory backup, will be perceived as a service providing contractor only.