Published on: December 17, 2022

BH series

BH series

Why in news? The High Court of Karnataka directed the State government to register the non-transport vehicles of the eligible employees of private companies in Bharat (BH) series as per the law amended by the Central government in August 2021.


What is the BH number plate?

  • The Government introduced Bharat Series Registration Number for non-transport vehicles in August 2021.
  • The BH Series number plate removes the obligation of transferring vehicle registration after moving from one state to the other.

For example : As per the  Motor Vehicles Act, let us suppose your car is registered in Karnataka with a KA number plate. If you relocate then you can drive your vehicle with the KA number plate only for a period of 12 months in the new state. Thereafter you will have to register the vehicle in the new state.  But with the BH series registration number that will not be necessary

Who can Register for BH Series Number Plate?

This vehicle registration facility under ‘Bharat series (BH series)’ will be available on a voluntary basis to

  • State and Central Government employees
  • Defense sector
  • Bank employees
  • Administrative services
  • Private firm employees who have offices in more than four States or Union Territories.

What are the Features of Bharat Series Number Plate?

  • They are applicable only for non-transport vehicles.
  • Can avoid the re-registering process of the vehicle once they shift to a new state.
  • Saves time, effort and paperwork for the entire process.
  • The number plate is valid throughout the country.

How will the BH series number plate benefit us?

  • Ones benefited will no longer have to re-register their vehicle every time they relocate from one state to the other in India as the BH series number plate will be valid throughout the country.
  • The process of inter-state transfer of the vehicle will be smooth.

What is the new rules ?

  • Vehicles currently having regular registration mark can also be converted to BH series registration mark,
  • They are subject to payment of requisite tax, to facilitate persons subsequently become eligible for BH series registration mark,
  • Earlier only new vehicles could opt for the BH mark